Palm Monorail

The Palm Monorail was opened on 30th April 2009 and runs along the trunk of the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai connecting the Gateway station at the entry to the Palm to the Atlantis hotel at the far end. There are also 2 other stations along the way and an interchange station before the gateway which are completed but not yet open, although the train does stop at the stations but the doors don’t open. There have been no indications to date as to when the other stations will be open.

The Palm Monorail is not yet linked to the Dubai Metro but there are plans to link it at the Dubai Internet City (TECOM) station on Sheikh Zayed Road. It is however linked to the Dubai Tram system which opened on 11 November 2014 and you can get onto the Metro from the Tram at Dubai Marina.

The Palm Monorail is a good vantage point to see the Palm Jumeirah. It is often used by tourists staying at the Atlantis hotel to get a good view of the island and it also takes you from the far end of the island to the main part of Dubai where it links in with Al Sufouh Road (and eventually the metro). It is not as cheap to travel on the Monorail as other forms of Dubai public transport as it is not run by the RTA and is privately owned.

The Palm Monorail does not currently link with the Dubai Metro (except via the Tram at the Marina) and so if you want to travel along it from the Dubai end then you will either have to park in the massive car park at the Gateway station or get a taxi to the Gateway station either from Internet City Metro station or your location.

This website is not linked to Nakheel and is not an official site for the Palm Monorail, it is just intended to provide relevant information for those wishing to use it.

Please, before you ask questions, take a look round the site as most answers can be found on here and although I don’t mind answering them, it can be frustrating when the info is already on here :-) In particular I have no information on how to get a job on the Palm Monorail!


  1. Denis says:

    Hi, I forgot my fotocamera in monorail. How I can to know any information about it?

  2. Vasileios Papadopoulos says:

    Hi there,

    I was wondering about the parking spaces, is it shaded and would there be any payment for parking our cars at the gateway towers?

    Kindest Regards,

    Vasileios Papadopoulos

    • admin says:

      Hi Vasileios, yes there is plenty of covered parking in the multi-storey car park at the gateway and the parking is free there.

  3. Linda says:

    I will staying near Jumeirah Beach Hotel, and want to take Monorail, what is best way to get to station, and how far is it from there. Is there a bus, metro, or taxi the best.

    • admin says:

      Hi Linda, I believe that there is a number 8 bus that runs along the beach road from near the Jumeirah Beach hotel to near the end of the Palm – you will need a Nol card to use the public buses though so if this is a one off trip it might be easier to get a taxi which will be fairly cheap as you do not have to go far at all.

      • Noella says:


        Je vais me rendre à Dubai début septembre 2013 pour la 1 ère fois, et mon logement sera dans le quartier “Diera All Rigga Road”. Pourriez-vous me dire comment puis-je me rendre à l’Atlantis Palm Beach, en transport en commun au départ de Diera. Y a t il le métro ou le Monorail ? Et la facilité à moindre prix. Bien à vous.

        • admin says:

          Je ne parle pas bien francais! Prenez le Metro de Diera a Dubai Internet City et puis le taxi a l’Atlantis.

  4. Dharmesh says:

    Hi ,

    I want to take a ride of Mono Rail with a family. Please guide me what is the best way to reach the Monorail station. I live in Burdubai. Is any metro station near to Monorail station? or which bus no runs on that route.


    • admin says:

      Hi Dharmesh. There isn’t a Metro station that is right next to the Palm Monorail – the nearest ones are probably Nakheel or Internet City station and then take a taxi from there. I do not know the bus routes from Bur Dubai off hand so you will need to contact the RTA about that.

  5. Ali Rizwan says:

    Hi, I would like to ask about the fair for Monorail and the total duration along with the route and from which station we can take Monorail to back at Atlantis …. please!!

    • admin says:

      Hi Ali, I think you should find most of the answers to your questions on the website. Take a look at the FAQs.

      • JK says:

        Dear Admin,
        One thing I’d ask yesterday we drove to Palm but unfortunately I couldn’t find the gateway station parking area. Would you guide us pls or relate us with any map-link. thanks

        • admin says:

          Hi JK, yes it is very difficult to find, I agree! So, this is my best description:

          As you are on the beach road (al sufouh road) and driving towards the Palm, you need to keep in the right hand lane as if you were actually going to drive on to the Palm. After passing the Nakheel Office on your right the road will split into 2 with the right lane going on to the Palm and the left lane continuing towards the Marina. Keep in the left lane under the overpass but slow down. The entrance to the car park is IMMEDIATELY after the turning on to the Palm. There is a small sign and the road is unmade but you should see it on your right.

  6. Oksana says:

    Hi! Please provide Ramadan Time of work Monorail? It is the same as usual day?

    • admin says:

      Hi Oksana, as I understand it the Ramadan timings for the Palm Monorail remain the same as they are normally, with no changes.

  7. majid says:

    hi admin
    how long time and Distance between gateway Until metro station ?

    • admin says:

      Hi majid, it depends which metro station you go to and the traffic etc but it is only really a 5-10 min taxi ride from the gateway station to the metro. It also depends how quickly you can get a taxi from there.

  8. Glen says:

    I just want to know the timings of the Monorail today(28.9.12)
    from atlantis. Because there is a event at Atlantis which gets over at 11. The Virgin Radio Back To School Prom.

    • admin says:

      Hi Glen, The timings can be found here - I have not heard of them extending the times for special events so the last train is most likely at 22.03 as per normal.

  9. shaiju says:

    can you provide any number for information

  10. Sandip Raha says:

    Thanks Admin for this informative site. Y’day I visited the Monorail and Pam Atlantis Hotel . It is certainly worthy to visit. I took taxi from Dubai Internet City Station after crossing the Seikh Zayed Road and since Glory Hotel is there , you’ll get a taxi. While returing back please go to Nakheel Metro Station by Taxi . It is AED 10 only both the way.
    Try to get the front seat in the train while going from Gateway to Palm Atlantis, it is superb view ..

    • admin says:

      Thanks Sandip for that useful info. It’s always good to get feedback from people who take the monorail as they often use different means to get there.

    • Helen says:

      WARNING: there is some sort of “rip the tourists off” racket going on at the Monorail Gateway.
      As mentioned above, I did take a taxi from Gloria Hotel at Internet City Metro.
      First surprise came when taxi driver had no clue what or where “Gateway to the Palm/Monorail entrance”was.
      He did get there after I repeatedly said “Entrance to the Palm Jumeira. Base of the trunk” and pointed to the signs.
      He was genuine,as he asked the guards at the entrance where to proceed and told me he has never been there before.
      Monorail was fantastic and so was Atlantis and Underwater world.
      I took monorail back and that’s when I discovered that there are no taxis-only a rank of white cars with guys wearing some sort of badges, xo they are there legally,I presume.
      These guys are asking $200 dirhams to take you back to either Nakheel or Dubai City Metro! Yes, TWO HUNDRED, when the taxi fair is $10-12 dirhams!
      I went out to the main road and got together with a Japanese couple (who told me the same thing about the guys in the white cars trying to charge the same price-200 dirhams). Taxis are hard to get on that stretch, but not impossible and eventually one of those guys in white car pulled over (instead of going inside the Gateway) and agreed to take us to Nakheel for 25 Dirhams. It’s still double the normal taxi fair, but better than 200!
      I guess those guys in white cars got some sort of contract/monopoly on the Gateway entrance,as there is not one taxi in sight there and they are just ripping people off blind.
      Don’t be gullable and don’t pay those prices

  11. Stephanie Price says:

    Is the monorail working? I tried to find the entrance to the multi storey car park yesterday as I have visitors staying and I wanted to take them on the monorail. The entrance to the car park seemed to be boared up. I called Nakheel they said it was open but could not tell me how to find the entrance and gave me another number. I called it and it was the leasing office for The Gardens! We ended up going on the Metro instead.

    • admin says:

      Hi Stephanie, yes the entrance to the car park is really hard to find and the way in is not really even a proper road! You have to take the road towards the Palm (from the Madinat end of Beach Road) and when you get to the part where the road splits off up to the Palm (just after the Nakheel offices) don’t turn up there but go a really short distance past that entrance slip road and turn off the road about 50 yards afterwards – you will see a small sign with the monorail symbol on it and you get in there. Although I haven’t been there recently I assume the entrance hasn’t changed but it is hard to find for sure.

  12. pratik says:

    is free shuttle for monorail from inb batuta mall is available between 10am to 11 am & f from witch location.

  13. golam morshed says:

    Hi, Just wanted to know if i buy the return ticket for mono rail can i get off the last station which is i believe the atlantis or is that i can not get off from mono rail?
    cause i would like to hang around for few hours. please advice.
    thank u so much for you help in advance.


    • admin says:

      Hi golam, yes you can get off at the other end and have a wander round the Atlantis hotel and take in the view of the sea then come back when you are ready.

  14. Annelou says:

    Hi, I have a complaint.

    Taking the monorail from the Palm to Jumeirah I was looking for a taxi. Inmediately a few guys came up to me and wanted me to take an expensive cab (they had a little stand at the entrance) I said I wanted a normal taxi and they became a bit agressive or so. I decided to walk to the road and get a normal cab.



    • admin says:

      Hi Annelou, if you have a complaint about rogue taxi drivers then you should report it to the RTA. You can get hold of them on 800 90 90. You could also report it to the police as this is illegal. Am glad you managed to get away from them anyway.

  15. Catherine says:

    We are going to spend our two week holiday in Dubai this Christmas. We also had planned to take monorail. Can you please advice me what is the best way to Find the monorail station ( i’ve heard it’s realisti hard to Find It), We will live in Sharjah during our stay so We are likely to take subway to Dubai. How We should continue our journey from downtown Dubai? Than you so much for your time and help!

    • admin says:

      Hi Catherine well if you take the Metro to either Mall of the Emirates or Dubai Internet City stations (MoE is further but more taxis, DIC closer but not so many taxis at all times) then you can get a taxi from there to the Monorail.

  16. Zlatko says:

    What is the best way to get to the monorail with walking instead of taxies.. which station you recomend i should get of and is it pedestrian friendly of will a taxi be a better way

  17. Sri says:

    Hi, Appreciate this site lots of info.. I will be visiting dubai in Jan during DSF. was planing to visit Palm Atlantis, got to know I need to take taxi from DIS to Monorail station, but can u shed some light on ticket to which station I need to take and do I have to pay to get into Palm Atlantis.(plannin only 1-2hrs max there)

    • admin says:

      Hi Sri, at the moment there is only one station open at each end of the line so just get the monorail all the way to the Atlantis Station. No charge just to wander round a few areas of the hotel itself but you can pay to go into the aquarium or the water park.

  18. Veronica says:

    Hi! Please, tell me, where can I buy monorail tickets??

  19. mridula says:


    Pls provide location map of monorail parking.

  20. Stobe says:

    Incredible idiots asking same questions again and again. How I can get to Monorail station lol.

  21. Michele says:

    Hi, I will be arriving in Dubai on the morning of 2 May 2013. Does the monorail work from Dubai airport to Atlantis Palm Hotel where I will be staying. If it does, where is the station at the airport and which station would be best to get off to get to reception at the hotel.

    • admin says:

      Hi Michele, no the monorail does not go from the airport. You will either have to get the metro, then a taxi, then the monorail or just get a taxi straight to Atlantis which would be way easier. The monorail is more of a tourist ride than public transport to be honest.

      • Michele says:

        Thanks for this, however I am told that you can take the metro to a station in Dubai CBD and then change trains and catch the one that goes to Atlantis. Is this correct?

  22. Amit says:

    Hi GM,
    What time mono rail starts on friday as we are planing to visit Atlantis on friday morning.

  23. Lily says:

    I want know in Friday the palm jumeirah close or not ,if not close so what time open in the mooning.please.thank you!

  24. Jon says:

    Is it possible to walk to the Palm Gateway station from Nakheel metro station – American University? Or are there difficult road crossings on the route? Is the station easy to find on foot?

    Thanks in advance.

  25. rajesh says:

    i am arriving dubai on 12th march 2013. i will stay in al mankhool street and wants to visit atlantis by mono rail. pls guide me.

  26. colin says:


    quick question. I will be watching the noel gallagher concert on 15 th mar at the atlantis beach. Are you scheduling more trains to leave there after 10pm. As you can imagine there will be an awful lot of people trying to get off the palm.



    • admin says:

      Hi Colin, no there are not generally extra trains scheduled after big events at Atlantis. I think there is fair reason for this as once you get off the palm gateway station you would still either have to get a taxi or drive to your final destination so it is probably just easier to concentrate the taxis at Atlantis.

  27. Danish says:

    Hi, im staying near Mall of emirates. Can you please guide how to reach to the monorail station. Also, please can you tell me how much time it will take around to see all this?


  28. Ragenth says:

    Please advice if monorail is available during Friday morning hrs plan to take my in laws on quick trip in mono rail

  29. Gangadhar says:


    Could you please tell me the best way to reach Monorail station from Internet City metro station

  30. latha john says:

    Could you please tell me whether the dubai monorail still operates? I live in Bur dubai. Can I go by bus no. 8? Please reply.

  31. vijeesh says:

    What’s the charges of mono rail access

  32. Vishnu says:

    Hi, I like to know which is the nearest metro station to monorail. Is it nakheel or internet city. ??

    • admin says:

      Nakheel is slightly closer.

      • prince says:

        hi , good day to you . i wish to visit palm jumeriah this friday. kindly advice from deira which will be nearest metro station to palm. please advice the timing of monorail service. is it working whole day in fridays or is there any time limit. also please advice is there any restriction inside palm regarding areas we can visit.

        thanks in advance for your advice
        with best regards

        • admin says:

          Hi Prince, please see the FAQs page for most of the answers. The Palm Monorail just takes you to the top end of the Palm so all there is to see there is the Atlantis Hotel and a walk along the road at the sea edge.

  33. PabloLV says:

    How can I reach the gateway station by taxi?
    Is there (at the entrance of the palm) any sign I would see?
    I will go by taxi from media one hotel.
    Thanks a lot.
    Best Regards,

    • admin says:

      Pablo there is a taxi rank in the ground floor of the Gateway station car park so they will drop you there and you take the escalator to the platform and ticket office.

  34. Jan Vancoillie says:

    Hi admin, congratulations with website. Regarding entrance to the Gateway Towers to take monorail. I know that the Al Sufouh Rd is a busy road but I do remember there is a footpad along it. I’m staying in November in hotel One and Only Mirage Arabian Court. Just next to The Gateway Towers. At the same side of the road. Would there be a chance that I could there on foot? Thanks. Jan

  35. Jack says:

    Will we get taxi after monorail raid?

  36. Eldose joy says:

    We are planning to vist and view the plam jumeirah island in the monorail on 14th october 2013, we will be around 60 persons. can you let me know if we can get a group ticket with dicount rate. We will comming in a bus and please confirm if we can get parking for the Bus.

    • admin says:

      No I don’t believe there is any discount for groups. There is plenty of parking so that should not be a problem. You also can’t book in advance.

  37. mohammed says:

    hii there

    how can I get monorail tickit

  38. Neeraj Sharma says:


    tomorrow i have to go Atlantis hotel from internet city metro station. can you plz suggest me from where i can get the monorail.

  39. Maureen says:

    Will the monorail stop at any of the other stations on New Years Eve? We live on the Golden Mile and think this would be a brilliant idea to get to Atlantis.

  40. sunil says:

    i need to know if i need to use the mono rail can i go to atlantis and get the monorail done but i wont be staying at the atlantis.

  41. medha sondur says:

    we plan to visit the lost chambers aquarium on the last day of tour .how can we avail of public transport from deira center to the atlantis and return to the airport for our flight in the evening .we would be 5/7 peeople on the 21st of nov.please guide us on the most economical way to the Atlantis from our hotel in deira area

    • admin says:

      You would have to get the metro then a taxi then the monorail and the same again in reverse to do your trip. This means it will likely take a long time and I’m not sure with 5/7 people whether it would be easier just to get a taxi (or 2) there and back.

  42. Sandesh says:

    HI, Can i get mono rail from atlantis station to gateway station.

  43. Ernst says:

    I want to visit the monorail on Friday December 20. I understand from the FAQ that the monorail takes about 10-15 minutes per single ride. I will be only a few hours in Dubai because I am passing through to Nairobi. My question: do you have any idea how long it takes to travel from the monorail to the airport, under normal circumstances, by taxi and metro, OR only by taxi from the monorail to the airport. Thanks in advance for your answer.

    • admin says:

      Ernst it depends on the traffic but maybe half an hour to get to the monorail by taxi, then you may have to wait for the next train etc, I would leave at least 3 hours for the whole journey here and back to be safe.

  44. Ami says:

    What is the tour duration? ANd what are the ticket charges like? Is it better during the day or evening?

  45. Syahin Ihsan says:

    Is it possible for a disabled person with wheel chair to ride the train ? Need your quick response . THANKS!

  46. DWO says:

    Dear Admin,

    Is there any possibility to rent out the entire monorail for specific timings? We are organizing a large group into Dubai and they would like us to explore the opportunities. Please contact me on the email address provided above for further details in terms of pricing and conditions.

    Thanks in advance,

    • admin says:

      I very much doubt it to be honest. It would be like taking over public transport! If you want more info though contact the RTA on 800 9090.

  47. Chetan Sheth says:

    Hi…Just wanna know if Monorail is being operative on 1st January 2014…Since its closed from last 4-5 days…And if yes, what are the timings…Thanx & Regards…Chetan Sheth

    • admin says:

      Hi Chetan, apparently the monorail is closed between 26th December and 2nd January. I’m not sure if those dates are inclusive or whether it will actually reopen on 2nd January. Unfortunately I am out of the country right now so can’t check.

  48. Nikonov Ivan says:

    Hi. I have one question: why the Trump Hotel station( golden mile) is still closed? When is it going to be opened?

    • admin says:

      It is still not known when any of the other stations on the Palm Monorail will open. The Trump Tower Hotel is rumoured to have been cancelled and that was probably a key point in opening that station. The stations are unlikely to be open until the monorail is linked with the Metro and/or the Tram system so that it can be used as public transport rather than the tourist transport that it is mostly used for right now.

  49. Arineh says:

    I want to viosiot the palm on 05Jan.2014. Please guide me what is the best way to reach the Monorail station.

  50. sandeep says:


    i want to use monorail, which is the nearest metro station and how to reach there? Please guide me.

  51. Arman Nadaf says:

    Hi I am seeking for the job opening in Palm Monorail where to find the Rolling Stock Maintenance opening of Mono Rail

    I have contributed 4+ years in Projects, Installation, Testing, Commissioning, & Troubleshooting in Railway Industry predominantly in EMU Rail (MRVC & GP) and Metro Rail Projects in Rolling Stock. I worked on the two Railway projects.
    Western Railway on 25 KV (AC) and 1500V (DC) Commissioning and Troubleshooting
    of EMU Train in India
    Second in PNU Metro Rail project Third rail traction with 750V (DC) Corrective, Preventive Maintenance, (ATC on board Testing) of 22 train in Saudi Arabia (Riyadh).

    If you have any INFO kindly reply

  52. Arman Nadaf says:

    Hi I am seeking for the job opening in Palm Monorail where to find the Rolling Stock Maintenance opening of Mono Rail

  53. Nayan says:

    Hello Admin,

    Wanted to thank you for all the useful information you provided since Jan 2012 till now.
    We will visit the monorail this week for the first time.


  54. Areeb says:


    Have gone through your threads and just wanted a quick reconfirmation regarding the most economical way to get to atlantis – Take the metro till Mall of Emirates and then a taxi till gateway station and monorail from there. Is my understanding correct?


    • admin says:

      It really depends on where you are coming from! The taxi from Mall of the Emirates can seem expensive because of the one way system they have to go around so it may be better to get off at Dubai Internet City so that you get the taxi from the Palm side of SMBZ Road.

  55. Roopesh Rana says:

    hi , good day to you . i wish to visit monorail this saturday. kindly advice from international city which will be nearest metro station to palm. please advice the timing of monorail service. is it working whole day in saturday or is there any time limit.

    • admin says:

      Hi, it’s really best to drive from International City, otherwise it is a bit of a trek! You would have to get the bus to Rashidiya then get the Metro from there. See FAQs for nearest Metro etc. It’s way quicker just to get a taxi to the Monorail but obviously more expensive.

  56. Deen says:

    How do I get a job in Monorail.

  57. Zohaib says:

    Hello ,
    I wish to visit MonoRail on Friday
    Can you Please Tell me what i can do At Atlantis Station , Can i Go Atlantis hotel Market ?
    kindly tell about more activity there without charged
    Thanks in Advance

    • admin says:

      There is nothing to do at the station. Check with the hotel as to what you can do there. There are shops you can browse inside the hotel.

  58. Nelson Cruz says:

    Hello. I will be at Sofitel Palm resort. Does the free shuttle goes there ?
    Thanks for you time.

  59. Rane says:

    Presently monorail is working to Atlantis. ??

  60. Girish Parokode says:

    Very informative site and thanks for your continous updates and feedbacks. I am intending to visit the monorail this saturday. Hope i wont be confused in entering the car park.

  61. Yennifer says:

    I have a coupon for 2 x1 monorail, as I can buy the ticket, have some staff that meets the customer when purchasing the ticket. machine or have a button for that discount
    Thank You

    • Yennifer says:

      I have a coupon for 2 x1 monorail, as I can buy the ticket, have some staff that meets the customer when purchasing the ticket. machine or have a button for that discount
      Thank You

  62. Norbert says:

    Hi, may I ask if we are not the hotel guests from those hotels being the pick-up and drop-off points for the free shuttle bus for the Palm Monorail, can we still use this free shuttle service? Please excuse me to ask as I’m a little bit confused: this shuttle bus also goes straight to Atlantis, right? Thanks a lot!

  63. Ragesh says:

    I would like to know, is there any additional cost other than mono rail to visit to palm jumeirah.


  64. Kimberly says:

    Hello. I have not had a chance to review all the comments to see if this question has already been asked, so please pardon me if it has.

    Does the Palm Monorail yet connect to the Dubai Metro? We are flying in to Dubai on Tuesday, and are trying to find the least expensive transport from the airport to the Fairmont Hotel at the palm. Any suggestions or advice would be most helpful.

    Thank you so much!

    • admin says:

      Hi Kimberly, no they are not connected yet. I guess the most cost effective is to get the metro to Nakheel or Internet Vity station on the metro and then get a taxi from there (or mall of the emirates where there are more taxis) but you really have to ask if it is worth the hassle rather than just getting a taxi from the airport as there will be some walking and escalators involved.

  65. dayle says:

    took a taxi to aquaventure from the mall of the emirates, was a comfortable 15 min ride that cost us AED 31, took a cab back as well it costs us AED 31.50 then.

    avoided the monorail due to the break journey and mixed reviews

    • admin says:

      Yes I think the monorail is worth a trip if you have a car but otherwise it is a bit of a fuss to get to until it is linked up with other transport systems later this year.

  66. KASHIF SHAMIM says:

    I am coming from International City, Dubai by car to pick Monorail then to go to Atlantis. How can I reach there? Please revert asap.

  67. Carolina says:

    Good morning,

    I have a group coming this month and I would like to have a contact who will help me to organize this event. Waiting for your comments as soon as possible.

    Have a great week,

    best regards,

    Carolina Duarte

  68. arun says:

    Hi. Which is nearest metro station for mono rail?

  69. Muhammad Rafi says:

    I am staying in Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel. How can I reach monorail station.

  70. Flory says:

    Hello! I’ve read all your answers and still i’m not sure how to ask.. If i have a personal car could i reach all the way to the hotel or the monorail is the only option to take me there? If so, are there additional fees? Thank you

    • Flory says:

      By the hotel i mean atlantis, i’m not sure if i made myself clear

      • admin says:

        You can reach the Atlantis hotel by car but parking is expensive. There are some spots to park for a short time (2 hours I think) which are free, outside the hotel.

  71. Mahesh says:

    I am coming from Abu Dhabi by car,can you please guide me how to reach Palm Jumeriah? where can I park my car, is there sufficient parking? is the parking paid or its free.

  72. Arthor says:

    i would like to know if infants are free and till what age of kids are free

  73. C Westwood says:

    Hey Admin

    We’re staying at the Fairmont on the palm. How far is it to walk to the gateway station to get the monorail to Atlantis? Or is Atlantis walkable from Fairmont?

    • admin says:

      Sorry for the delay in replying , it seems like I am not being notified of comments…
      I’m sorry I’m not sure exactly where the Fairmont is but it is a long walk from anywhere to get to either Palm Gateway or Atlantis so I would expect the answer to be ‘no’.

  74. eisa says:

    I want go to the atlantis aquaventure in jumeirah palm.I live near the burj khalifa/Dubai mall metro station .How to go there ?
    please answer to me .
    thank you.

    • admin says:

      The easiest way is just to get a taxi – because if you get the metro you will just have to get a taxi to take you to the monorail anyway.

  75. Arti Bhargava says:


    I just want to know if we can use entertainer coupons today as we have 3 coupons and we are 6 people ??

    please let me know.

  76. MEYNARD says:

    good morning,
    my company is building a monorail in RIYADH (SAUDI ARABIA). we are looking for a maintenance vehicle which can circulate on the monorail.
    do you have one and from where it comes?

  77. Louise says:

    Whom should I contact at the Palm Monorail regarding a business/partnership related query? Thanks, Louise

  78. Anand Gupta says:

    Dear Madam/ Sir,

    I want to ride monorail along with my wife. We are residing near Mall Of emirates. Could you please guide us how to go Atlantic by monorail and coming back (Return Ticket)

    Thanks & Regards

  79. DibPat says:

    how can I travel from the jumeirah walk to gateway station monorail around 1 pm?? And how much time would it take? thanks..

    • admin says:

      Do you mean JBR Walk? I guess it depends on what end of it you are on but I wouldn’t really recommend walking (especially in the middle of the day). Best to get a taxi or after 11 November you will be able to get the tram.

  80. QQs says:

    Hi, I am staying on the Palm (fairmont probably) in December 2014. Will I be able to get a mono rail from the palm, to places like ‘The Walk’ at Jumeirah, or perhaps Ibn Battuta (or any other mall for that matter). I heard there is a monorail from Internet City?
    I want to avoid taxis as much as possible, but will need to travel to these areas daily. Thanks

    • admin says:

      Yes, once the tram opens in November it will link up with the monorail as well as the metro so you just need to get yourself to one of the two monorail stations and you are good to go.

      • QQs says:

        Thanks! So am I right in thinking that I’d get the Monorail from the Atlantis hotel, down the trunk of the palm, then I would change ‘train’ and get on the metro to the malls?

        Sorry to seem stupid, but the hotels I have been asking have not even mentioned the tram is opening in November, so I am struggling to get step by step info.

  81. Jasmine says:

    Hi. Any mode of transportation from Atlantis back to the city at 3am (after an event)? Thanks.

  82. Nouman says:

    Hey Admin Good Day
    Please guide me,
    I heard this train is only for visitors who will go to atlantis hotel, not for visiting the beach only, is that true?

    • admin says:

      Hi, anyone can use the monorail. It stops right outside the Atlantis hotel so you can use it to get to anywhere you like that is near the hotel.

      • Nouman says:

        Thanks I visited last weekend with my family and its a great experience.
        I suggest every one who is going by metro to take Dubai Internet City MS, as taxi will take only 10 Dirhams and takes no time to reach Monorail station. :)

        Thanks once again.

  83. Didi says:

    Hi, what is the nearest station of the monorail to hotel rixos the palm and how far is it to get there.

  84. David says:

    Is there any plan to open the monorail station in the park behind the Shoreline apartments?

  85. sumeet says:

    do you have atm in monorail station

    • admin says:

      I do recall seeing an ATM at the gateway station. If not there are ATMs right next door to the Atlantis station inside the hotel.

  86. Ala says:

    Hi! do you have any idea about working hours of monorail on October 24? Will it operate from 10 am to 10 pm?

  87. Marion Masson says:

    Hi , will the station at the park finally be opened ?? Seems silly that it stops there but we can’t actually use it , would def help traffic on the palm ;)

    • admin says:

      No sign of any new stations opening yet Marion, but then sometimes they announce these things within days of them happening so who knows!

      • Sayeeda says:

        Its not a new station its been there for at least 2 years and actually had a grand opening last year on National day, but didn’t open! Do you know who I can contact with regards to this as its very frustrating that this station cannot be used especially for workers on the Palm. Thank you.

        • admin says:

          All of the stations have been there ready and waiting to open but it’s just up to the owners when they decide to make them open to the public. Serco run the Monorail so you would have to contact them.

  88. Marion Masson says:

    Fingers crossed then lol

  89. Kumaneko says:

    Hi Admin,

    When in November will metro and Palm monorail are linked together? I am planning to ride the Palm monorail on Nov,7th.

    Thanks a lot!

  90. Elena says:

    Good day!
    What the discount can I get with Entertainer voucher?

  91. nurani says:

    Hi im working in atlantis and since monoril is connected to the tram im using the monoril daily. I want to know is there any special ticket or price for daily travellers. thank you

  92. Antony Binoj says:


    I have a photography session on Wednesday at Roxio Hotel Palm, dubai. I am coming from FGB metro station. Just need to know whether Palm Monorail open for public. And is the Monorail the best way to reach there at the hotel.

    Thanks and regards,

    Antony Binoj

    • admin says:

      I don’t know any reason why it wouldn’t be open. I can’t tell from their website exactly where that hotel is but I don’t think it is right next to Atlantis which is where the only station is so I expect you would need to get a taxi from there anyway so you may as well get a taxi from FGB.

  93. jignesh says:

    Should I bring wheel chair for old age person in mono rail?

  94. Eric says:

    hi dear, i am from a travel tourism, kindly advise your email address, we would like to request some specials for our groups, as we have around 80 groups a month


  95. KG says:

    Hi, how long does the monorail operates on 31/12/2014.

  96. norvin says:


    Please can you help me.. Is Monorail connected to Dubai Tram… How can we buy tickets for tram..? Also help me how we can see the Aquarium in Atlantis – The Palm..


  97. Andriana says:

    Hello!Do you know the working hours of Monorail on 02/01/2015? Last year is closed till 02/01/2014 Regards

    • admin says:

      Last year it was closed because of the fireworks. As there is no world record display this year I expected to be open normal hours.

  98. Jesseca says:

    Will the Palm monorail be operational on the 31st of December and what are the timings.

  99. Shirley says:


    We are heading to the Atlantic from Dubai mall.
    Can I check will I reach by metro, tram and monorail ? Which metro station to alight and take the tram ?

    Many thanks and hear from you soon and we going tomorrow 20 Jan 2015

  100. rodel villadiego says:


    we are groups and we would like to take a pass to the mono rail in advance is it possible.and also how much is the cost per ride.


    • admin says:

      It may be possible you may be able to get tickets in advance if you are a very large group (contact Serco) but at the moment there are no published group ticket rates and tickets are priced as per individuals 15 dirhams one way and 25 dirhams return.

  101. Mandy says:

    My parents are going to stay in the shoreline apartments. Could they walk from the apartment to the gateway towers monorail station/tram or do they have to get a taxi? I don’t know how far it is. I also believe that the other stations aren’t open yet.
    Thanks Mandy

    • admin says:

      It depends which end of the shoreline apartments they are in but even having said that I’m not sure that there is a walkable route to the gateway station so you would probably have to get a taxi.

  102. tomaso says:

    Good evening, I would like to know if it is possible to apply for a job in the Palm Jumeirah Monorail
    Thank you very much

  103. Susan Broadbent says:

    This is our first ever visit to Dubai and we have been overcome by how friendly and helpful everyone is, until yesterday 19th February 2015. when we chose to travel on the Monorail from The Atlantis hotel to Gateway and back. Despite the monorail being grossly over-priced compared to taxis, we felt it would be a nice change and indeed we saw things you could not see from the road. We had an enjoyable trip both ways. especially the return, when the security guard travelling back to The Atlantis with us, chatted to us most the journey and told us when to go to the front of the monorail to get photos.

    On arriving at the Atlantis terminal, we were met by the rudest security man I have ever met. As we got out our tickets to ‘check them out’ at the barrier, this security guard asked for them to be handed to him, which we did: he ‘swiped the card’ over the sensor and kept it, and the same with my husband’s and everyone else who left the monorail. I asked him very politely, if I could have our tickets back as souvenirs of our journey. I like to make a scrap book of my travels. This rude security guard said ‘No, you cannot have it.’ I asked him why not and he pointed to the box at the doors which said ‘Please Recycle’! I again asked if I may please have my ticket and he said I had to ask the man in the ticket office since he was not authorised to give them out. I went to ask the man in the ticket office, who was completely disinterested, and as I did so, this rude, arrogant security guard, walked over to the recycle box and placed our tickets along with all the others from that journey in the recycle bin and smiled at me. When I complained, he said that he had to recycle them.

    I have never met such a rude arrogant man. He completely ruined what had been a fantastic day out. He made me very angry and upset. It is no wonder that the people, and visitors to Dubai do not use public transport when they are treated so badly.

    Please send your very rude security guard on a customer service training course. Please can you arrange for 2 of the tickets to be sent to my home address which I will send you when you reply you me.
    Kind regards
    Susan Broadbent

    • admin says:

      Hi Susan, I’m sorry your day was ruined by one small minded person thinking they were doing their job. Especially as there is really no reason for them to take the tickets from you.
      Unfortunately this site is run independently so I can’t action your complaint personally. You will need to contact Serco who run the monorail system. I hope the rest of your stay is enjoyable though.

  104. jonathan says:

    were arriving in dubai at the end of march and were wondering how close the monorail is to the arabian dreams apartments and the best way to get there will will be using public transport and taxis
    kind regards

    • admin says:

      Hi the monorail is not that close to Bur Dubai – quickest option is to get a taxi and cheapest is to get the metro and tram although this may take a while.

  105. Jorge Mitzrael Cavad Moreno says:

    Hi, my name is George and i want to put the Palm Monorail in New York City

  106. MADAN RAJ says:

    Hai i wants to know the mono rail timing on friday,

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