New Station Opened At Last!

New Station Opened At Last!

It has been a long time coming but finally a new station, Al Ittihad Park, has opened along the Palm Monorail. The station is a short distance from the Palm Gateway station and has its own fare structure which you can see on the tickets page.

The Monorail opened in 2009 and for the last 8 years the only 2 stations that have been open are at either end of the Palm, the Palm Gateway and Atlantis Aquaventure stations, so this station is on the Palm itself, near to one of the residential areas.

There were initially meant to be 2 other stations open but they were put on hold when a lot of the developments did not get built as expected after the financial crash.

The new station is called Al Ittihad Park and is located near the Shoreline Apartments with direct access to the Golden Mile Galleria Mall. It was opened on 3rd July 2017. To access the Mall you just need to exit the station and go towards the right hand side and the Mall is only a minutes walk from the exit.

There are lots of shops already open in the mall, in particular shops suited to families.

There are still other stations planned and they will be opened in future once further developments are complete. It is anticipated that a new station may be opened either in late 2017 or in 2018.

This new station is great for anyone who lives in the shoreline apartments or wants to visit the Galleria mall.