How Do I Get to the Palm Monorail?

How Do I Get to the Palm Monorail?

The Monorail links with the Tram at Palm Gateway Station

We get many questions asking how to get to the Palm Monorail so it is worth giving a details explanation of where the stations are located.

If you are trying to access Atlantis then you can get there using the Monorail from the Gateway station. The Atlantis Hotel is only a short walk from the Atlantis Monorail station and the Atlantis station is the last stop on the Monorail.

How Do I Get to the Gateway Station?

If you want to get to the Palm Gateway station you will either need to drive there, take a taxi or use the tram. You can also use Metro and tram or Metro and taxi.

Parking is located at the Palm Gateway – see the parking page for more info. Sometimes the parking can be quite busy but this may ease when more levels are opened up. It can also be a bit tricky to find if you don’t know where it is.

Using the Metro

If you are located near a Metro station then you have two options – you can either get the Metro to the station that is nearest the Palm and take a taxi – the nearest stations are either Nakheel or Internet City – or you can take the Red Line on the Metro to Damac station (Marina) and change there for the tram.

If you go to Damac station and change there for the tram it is a brief walk across to the tram stop and then you can take the tram to the Palm Jumeirah tram station.

To get to the Monorail you will need to go across the walkway that is over Al Sufouh Road and then walk through the car park to the other side to get to the Palm Gateway Monorail station.