Palm Monorail Ramadan Timings

palm monorail ramadan

The Palm Monorail is run by Serco and not the the RTA and so it tends to be the case that the timings for the monorail (which are 9am until 10pm every day) tend not to be changed during Ramadan.

The trains run every 15 minutes at present although this could change during the day at Ramadan but probably not by much.

So unless we receive and information to the contrary then it should be safe to assume that the situation is the same for Ramadan 2017.

Ramadan this year is likely to start on Saturday 27th May and it usually lasts 29 or 30 days, one complete lunar cycle.

We will update this page with any further information as we get it.

The Pointe 30% Complete

Nakheel has said that The Pointe mall and leisure complex is 30% complete and due to open in 2016. A large number of shops and F&B outlets have already signed up to open in the mall and it is expected that the remaining slots will be filled very soon.

Access to The Pointe is via the Palm Monorail and also via boats from the various resorts on the Palm. The current parking which is used for the Monorail and the Tram will be utilised for the complex which may make parking there in future more difficult for those who are using the monorail.

New Mobile Friendly Site

I have updated the Palm Monorail website so that it now has a theme that is mobile friendly. Hopefully this will make the user experience of visiting the site even better than it was! But let me know if you come across any issues on the site so that I can investigate and change if necessary.

New Development for Palm Gateway

Nakheel is planning on turning what is currently the Palm Gateway station, into a leisure and residential complex. There will be 3 towers above the Palm Gateway together with a leisure and retail complex.

Bids are currently being invited for the proposal so it will be a few years until the project is actually completed.

Residential towers on this site will have the benefit of great transport links with the Monorail and the Dubai tram directly on their doorstep.

Tram and Monorail Tickets Not Linked

As expected, once the Dubai Tram links up with the Palm Monorail on 11 November 2014, the ticket systems will not be linked and the existing fares of the Palm Monorail will still stand.

The reason for this is that Monorail is not run by the RTA and so it has no control over the fares charged, stations opened etc.

It will be useful for the Tram and the monorail to be linked but you will need to buy a ticket for both systems separately. you can find more information about the Dubai Tram here, including ticket prices which also cover the Dubai Metro.

Tram to Link with Palm Monorail

When the Dubai Tram starts operations in November 2014, there will finally be a public transport link to the Palm Monorail. Prior to this the only way to get to the Palm monorail was by car, with a large free carpark at the Palm Gateway station.

The Dubai Tram will have the same ticket costing structure as the Dubai Metro but it is yet to see if the cost of the Palm monorail will change at all from the current relatively high prices.

Palm Monorail Closed 26th December til 2 Jan 2014

So, due to the attempt at the world’s largest fireworks display that is taking place on the Palm Jumeirah on New Years Eve 2013/14, the Palm monorail is closing for a week from 26th December 2013 to 2 January 2014.

There are lots of traffic restrictions happening on the Palm on the night and during the day of New Year’s Eve but it is unclear as to why the monorail will be shut for such a length of time. perhaps they are taking the opportunity to make some changes to the system in the meantime.

So, you can’t use the Monorail to visit the Palm or Atlantis on New Year’s Eve or New Years Day.

Palm Monorail Link by End of 2014

With the construction of the Al Sufouh Tram hitting more than 50%, the end is in sight for the Palm Monorail to be linked to at least one other form of public transport, rather than being stuck on it’s own as it is now. The first phase of the Tram project is due to be completed by the end of 2014 and once completed the Tram line will link in with the Palm Monorail as well as 3 stations on the Dubai Metro.

Palm Monorail Not Linked Yet

So eventually the Palm Monorail will be linked up with both the Dubai Metro and the Al Sufouh Tram network. Currently there is no link from the Monorail to the Metro (which has been up and running for a few years) so the best option if you want to get from one to the other is to take a taxi.

The nearest metro station to the Palm Monorail is the Mall of the Emirates station and that is only a short distance away up the Al Sufouh Road and over the Sheikh Zayed Road. However, at times, especially during rush hour, it can take a bit of time to get from one to the other due to the heavy traffic.

The Al Sufouh Tram is due to open in November 2014 and at that point it will link up with the Palm Monorail at the gateway station. Hopefully at this point the ticket prices may be reduced…

Al Sufouh Tram Still With Financing Problems

The Al Sufouh Tram project is still ongoing but has been hit with financing problems in the past. When it is completed it will tie up with the Palm Monorail at the Nakheel station at the trunk of the Palm Jumeirah. At present the palm Monorail is not linked to any of the other public transport systems in Dubai but will eventually also link with the Dubai Metro.

So it can only be a good thing for the Palm Monorail for the Al Sufouh Tram project to be completed so that the journey on the Monorail is worth undertaking. At present it is really just a tourist attraction but if residents of the Palm Jumeirah can see that they will be able to travel from their homes to say their place of work in Dubai Marina, then it will become much more viable and perhaps at this point ticket prices will reduce and feeder buses will be introduced. At present this does not look likely to happen until 2014 at the earliest.