Palm Monorail FAQs

Palm Monorail FAQs

How much are the tickets for the Palm Monorail? ‎

Ticket prices are 20 dirhams one way, 30 dirhams return. Check out the tickets page for more info on prices to other stations.

Is the Palm Monorail linked to the Dubai Metro? ‎

No it is not directly linked to the Metro, but now that the Tram is open you can access the Dubai Metro via the Tram which is linked to the Monorail. You will need to get the tram from Palm Gateway and change at the Marina for the Metro.

Is there parking available for the Palm Monorail? ‎

Currently there are 1,500 parking spaces available at the Palm Gateway station which also services users of the Tram. This station is right at the root of the Palm Jumeirah adjacent to Al Sufouh Road.

For access details to the parking please check out this page.

What Hours does the Palm Monorail run? ‎

The monorail runs from 9.00am until 10.00pm 7 days a week although timings can change periodically. Check the train times for more information.

Do children go free on the monorail? ‎

Children under 110cm tall go free.

What are the times of the trains? ‎

Please check out the train times here. Generally trains leave around every 11 minutes.

How Long Does the Journey Take?

The monorail takes approximately 12 minutes to go from one end of the Palm to the other.

How Do I Get to the Gateway Station?

If you want to get to the Palm Gateway station you will either need to drive there, take a taxi or use the tram. Parking is located at the Palm Gateway – see the parking page for more info.

The nearest Metro station is either Nakheel or Internet City and you can get a taxi from there.

Otherwise you can travel on the metro to Damac station (Marina) and change there for the tram and then take the tram to Palm Jumeirah. It is then a short walk over the walkway and through the car park to get to the Palm Gateway Monorail station.

For more details see this post.

Can I access the Atlantis Hotel?

The Atlantis Hotel has some open areas for visitors who are not staying there – there are shops and the Lost Chambers Aquarium (fee payable on entry) as well as the Aquaventure Water Park (fee also payable). The entrance is only 2 minutes from the Monorail station.

Can I Buy Tickets in Advance?

Currently you can only buy tickets on the day that you are travelling, unless you are an event organiser, in which case you can buy bulk tickets in advance to help people get to your event. Contact Nakheel for more information. Also it may be possible to extend the opening hours of the Palm Monorail for big events if this is prearranged with Nakheel.

Is the Monorail Connected to the Dubai Tram?

Yes, the Tram connects to the Palm Monorail at the Palm Gateway station.

Can You Pay for Tickets Using a Credit Card?

No, currently you can only pay for tickets by cash.

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  1. Hi Can we bring a mountain bike inside the monorail? Is there additional fees? We would love to explore the palm island using our own bicycles and avoid additonal fees for bike rent and avoid extra pollution.

    Please advise.

    Thank you for your help

  2. If I buy a Gateway-Atlantis Ticket, am I allowed to get off at Itihad park, but not exit, just to see the station?

    Another thing.. do you, by any chance, know when nakheel mall is planned to open?

    1. Hi Tariq, I think if you got off at Ittihad and did not exit the barriers you should be Ok, provided you didn’t stay there too long!
      I was advised in July that Nakheel mall station would open ‘soon’ when the mall opens…

  3. Hi,
    I wanna go to Aquaventure Water Park with monorail and I know , I need to by the return ticket from monorail station but now I wanna know how I can go to end station of monorail (Jumeira palm) and return to the Aquaventure Water Park and separate my time on it and return to tram station at 7 pm.
    thank you

    1. I’m sorry Masoud I’m not sure what you are asking. You get your return ticket at Palm Gateway, go to Atlantis, stay there, then come back on the monorail again before 7pm.

    1. Yes you can rent a car there. I wouldn’t say that it is one of the safest places to drive – it an be pretty crazy – and the roads can be a bit complicated to navigate but you can give it a go!

  4. I am planning to take a return ticket (aed 30) from/to gateway station and atlantis. So what sightseeing is there during this 12 mins of rail journey? Are we allowed to get down in between station, have the outside view and back to rail? Please explain this journey entry/exit conditions if any? I have never seen palm jumeirah, hence the question. Also is the rail open this eid al aadha – thursay to saturday?

    1. If you check out the video page you can see the route that is taken (although the view will have changed a bit since this video was taken!) You may be able to get off at the middle station but you are not allowed to exit without buying another ticket so it may not be worth it. The return ticket is purely to go from one end to the other (where you can get off for as long as you like) and return back.

      1. Ok. thanks for the quick reply, So i can get our at the atlantis station. spend some time there and get back for the return journey?

  5. HI! Im Planning to go to Aquadventure Atlantis by next week. can i ask for direction how to get there from Union metro Station to which Station should i get off ), Tram (where to board and get off) and monorail (where to get off ). Thank you very much.

    1. You need to get the Metro to the Marina station (known as Damac), change there for the tram and then change at Palm Jumeirah station for the monorail.

  6. Hello,
    I would like to inquire about a field trip for schools. As we are learning about types of transportation, we would like the children to take a ride on the Monorail. Please let me know if I have to make a booking or just drop in anytime. There will be a total of 75 children approximately. We have done this 3 years ago and the trip was a success. Please let me know if I can speak to anyone as there is no contact number mentioned anywhere on the website. My email is
    Thank You.

    1. Hi Mona, Unfortunately I do not have a contact number for the monorail (this site is not run by Serco) but you should be OK with your trip as generally speaking the monorail is not over busy. In any case if you do get there at a busy period you could maybe split into 2 groups as the trains run every 15 minutes but I think it unlikely that you would have to do this.

      1. Hi. Is there any way to get a contact number from Palm Monorail? We are planning to have a trip with our nursery kids with the group age of 2-4 years old.

  7. Hi, I live in the Shoreline buildings and I was wondering if they are going to open up the monorail station any time soon? It would be nice to be able to go the Palm walk, The Pointe and the mall when they open and not have to drive.

  8. Hi!

    Is the palm monorail open for new year’s eve this year? if so, are the schedules the same as usual as is shown in the website?

  9. Hi,
    I need to ask if the parking is free ? and for how many hours we can park our car there ?

    Is it mandatory to use monorail if i will park my car there ? The reason is we will come in groups, and one of us will park the park there and will join the other’s car to avoid parking issue at palm.

    1. Yes the parking is free and it is not mandatory to use the monorail. You can park there all day but I don’t know if overnight parking is allowed.

  10. Hi,

    The above FAQs were very helpful. One question – As a tourist who is not staying at Atlantis, will we be allowed to wander round the area? Say use the beach and spend an evening there? If yes, what are the other touristy things once can do if one comes there via the monorail?

    1. Sorry for the delay in replying. You won’t be able to use the beach at Atlantis unless you pay for entry to Aquaventure there but you can wander along the front and look around the shops inside the hotel.

  11. Hello,

    I’m going to stay in Downtown Dubai, but I will like to visit the Palm. For this , I will probably take the subway/metro to Nakheel Metro Station or DUbai Marina, but i see on the map that I have to walk to the Gateway station almost 2 km and after this I can’t see a easy way to get to the Gateway station.
    I see on this site that the Gateway is linked with the Tram. Could you please tell me, if you know, what tram is linked to the Monorail? Or how is it a simple way to get to the Gateway if I’m coming in the area with the metro?


    1. Sorry for the delay in replying. Yes if you take the metro to the marina and then change to the tram you can get the tram to the palm gateway and take the 5 minute walk across the bridge to the monorail.

  12. What time does the service start? Im starting a new job at Atlantis and will be residing at Shoreline Apartments from September. Does it really only start at 10am as ideally, I would like to use the service to get to work. Im guessing you can’t walk from shoreline to the Atlantis?

    1. Hi yes it does start at 10am (unless it’s changed recently). It’s not really designed for commuting to be honest, in fact you would probably need to get a taxi to the gateway station in the first place. You can’t walk to Atlantis from the shoreline apartments that would take a very long time!

  13. Hello
    I am visiting Dubai for a week starting from 01/08.
    Please guide me with travelling as I have no idea about how trams , buses, monorail, Big bus and all works.
    Please help me.

  14. Are you able to walk from the Palm Gateway station back towards the Golden Mile? We are staying at the Sofitel Palm in two weeks time and want to get to Spinneys at the end of Golden Mile to get some groceries

    1. I don’t think it is possible to walk from the monorail back onto the Palm due to the overpass and there are no pavements I don’t think but it could be worth getting the monorail and then a taxi to Spinneys or else just get the tram to the marina and use the spinneys there.

  15. Is there a lift or escalator at tram station which connects Gateway station? Because I will travel with luggages.

  16. Hello.
    Staying at The Atlantis this April.
    How would we get to the mall after going on the Monorail from the hotel and getting off at the last stop?
    Thank you.

      1. Sorry i missed this post. You would need to either get a taxi to the Dubai Mall from the Gateway station or else get the tram and then change at the marina and get the metro to Dubai Mall. The monorail runs until 10pm each day.

  17. I bought 3 tickets of monorail last month but was unable to use those tickets the same day due to some emergency. The tickets are still available with me, can i come back any day and use them? Please advise

    1. That is a very good question. In theory you should be able to use them as they haven’t been used before, but normally you would use them on the same day that you buy them so it depends on whether the machines are able to read the date bought or if they just check that the tickets have not been used. Sometimes they take the tickets off you and don’t actually use the ticket readers so you may get away with it anyway.

    1. The monorail has a completely separate ticketing system to the rest of Dubai Public transport (which uses the Nol card) so you have to buy a separate ticket for it.

  18. Hi,

    Will you please confirm the timings of monorail during the Christmas & Yearend 2016. will it be operational during this period?

    Thank you

    1. You have the option to either 1) drive to the parking 2) get a taxi to palm gateway 3) use public transport – I believe the nearest bus is the number 8 although this goes into internet city so not right near the end of the palm but you could then use the overhead walkway that connects the tram with the monorail.

  19. Hi!

    I would like to inquire if there will be any changes for the operational hours during the festive season which is Christmas and New Year and if there will be any changes for the ticket prices.

    Thank you.

    1. There are not generally changes at Christmas and New year – particularly as it is a Muslim country so no changes are made for Christmas!

  20. i would like to get email address for the manager as i have a complaint which caused on last Friday and doesn’t like publish here. Please reply to my personal email which i mentioned here

  21. hi ,
    we lost our hand bag at monorail station I need contact no. of the people at monorail station in palm jumeriah please can any one help me on this.

  22. Is the return route of monorail as same as the one way route or it retunrs in a different way?
    I prefer to come back from Atlantis hotel by Taxi from the road under water.

  23. Hi,
    Please let me know if there is an access to Atlantis restaurants from atlantis monorail station and can we go to hotel by walk ?

    Thanks, Bahram

  24. Can admin please email myself, as I would like to highlight a potential near miss at one of your stations.


  25. I am staying at the Atlantis in August.
    To get from Atlantis to Dubai Creek… is this correct?
    Monorail from Atlantis to Gate … then walk? to the metro station? How long is the walk? Thank you

    1. It’s a bit of a walk from the Monorail to a Metro station so you might be better to get the tram from palm Gateway to the Marina where it connects with the Metro although you do end up going in the wrong direction for a bit! Check out for more info.

  26. I am here in dubai along with my 3year old son. Wanted to give him the experience of both metro and monorail tomorrow. I am staying near alnahda metro station, so can plz guide me where should I get drop from metro n get tram n then to monorail experience..

    1. Sorry too late to answer you but you need to get the Metro to the marina and then the tram to the Palm if you want to experience all 3 modes of transport.

    1. That fare sounds way too high. I would definitely complain to the company. I was of the understanding that private companies only charged about 10% more that RTA ones but I wokld have thought that fare should be more than 30 dirhams.

      1. hi admin, i would like to raise a complain regarding our transportation coz its very expensive, we ask for a normal taxi but they force us to us the metered taxi which is very expensive, the worst thing that made us more upset is they didnt informed us about this! may i ask any contact number on where i can speak to, coz for sure there are lots of people who will be cheated this service.

        1. Hi, yes it seems like someone else has had this problem before. You will need to complain to Serco who run the Palm Monorail but I think there is a taxi firm with a contract at the Gateway station so if you want to take a Dubai Taxi it may mean going out of the Gateway station for this.

  27. We are going to stay at the Atlantis Hotel. Can we walk to the welcome desk from the Monorail’s Atlantis station or do we need to take any other transportation from there to the hotel’s welcome desk?

    1. Hi, I haven’t actually stayed at the Atlantis Hotel but I believe the hotel reception is slightly further down from the monorail station. There is likely a way through the entrance that is at the monorail station but I’m not sure how far that walk would be if you have cases. I would contact the hotel itself for clarification.

      1. Thanks a lot. I received the following reply from the hotel, just in case that someone else might be interested:

        Kindly be informed that the station is right by the entrance to the Aquaventure waterpark so only a few hundred metres walk to get there. Direction to Atlantis the Palm.
        By Public Transport: Taxi is available and you can use it as an alternative.

    1. Is that a question or a statement?! I don’t believe Nol cards work there unless that has changed very recently.

  28. Hi,

    I am doing a school project on the monorail – is there any information available on the annual demand, costs and revenues?


    1. You can take taxi or use Wojhati RTA (public transport) journey planner. In colder weather, you can for example also go to the Nacheel station and then go on foot to the monorail station. It’s maybe twenty minutes walk.

    1. Do you mean the monorail? I have heard no news to say that opening hours will be extended so at the moment I would assume normal operating hours prevail (ie open until 10pm) which was the case in previous years.

  29. Hi, I will be visiting Dubai during Jan 2015. We propose to take the Monorail to have a view around the Island. Wanted to know if we can access the Beach at the Atlantis Aquaventure station? Would that be open for public without purchasing the tickets for Aquaventure Water Park or the Aquarium? We basically want to enjoy one evening on the beautiful beach

    1. No, you can only access the beach through aquaventure I’m afraid. The bit that is accessible is just rocks and you are not allowed on there. I’m not sure if there is a public beach at any other area but I think they are just at the hotels as any beaches would need to have been man made.

  30. Hi we are going to dubai for a few days and i want to know if it is is free to enter the palms or do we have to pay to get in and if so how much will it be ? I am also trying to find a daytime safari in dubai … please help 🙂

    1. Hi Bryana, yes it’s free to enter the Palm although you need to be a resident to enter some areas. There are a lot of companies running safaris. Often they go late afternoon but your hotel should be able to find you one.

  31. Are the entertainer vouchers not valid for all 3 days of the eid holidays for the monorail or is it just not valid on the day of eid itself?

  32. Hi..admin..
    We are planning to come from sharjah.
    We will come to sahara center shj by taxi and cross the shj border..from there is there any bus service to palm gate way…if not which metro station we need to use..kindly guide us how to reach to catch mono rail …

    1. Good question. I haven’t managed to get down there yet but I expect it’s only a few minutes as they both use the same car park.

    2. It’s maybe four minutes walk. The corridor entrance to monorail station lies almost directly next to the tram station.

  33. Hi
    I live on Golden mile near the unused station. We are about to see the tram open and I could use the monorail and tram system instead of a car. When will the station open. I am sure there is enough demand now. Also any plans for a footpath to walk off the Palm?

    1. Hi Ian, there hasn’t been any talk of the other stations opening in the near future but like you say, with the tram link up, this might speed it up a bit. Hopefully there will be some news in the next few months. As for a footpath I think that unlikely…

  34. Hi, I wanted to inquire about the facility on the monorail for disabled persons. My granny cannot walk a lot and has to be taken on a wheelchair. Is it possible to take her to the monorail with wheelchair?
    Eagerly waiting for your reply.

    1. Hi tahir, sorry for the delay in replying. I think this needs to be checked out for sure (I will check next time I am there) but I believe there are lifts operating at both of the stations for disabled access.

  35. Hello. At the risk of this sounding stupid, are the trains driverless? I am in the UK doing an essay of autonomous vehicles and thought a development this new may be autonomous. Many thanks for your help.

  36. Hi Admin,
    It’s really informative website.
    Please advise the following in regards to the Free shuttle:
    i. Is it still running from Ibn Battuata Mall?
    ii. What is the requirement to board the bus? Do I need to buy Monorail ticket from somewhere before boarding the shuttle? I am planning to reach Ibn Battuta mall from Abu Dhabi, then take the shuttle and then finally take Mono rail to reach Atlantis.

    1. Hi Viviek, unfortunately there is not much information about the free shuttle bus given out unless you actually go there to travel on it. This info was written a little while back and the free shuttle bus may have changed by now. You don’t need the Palm Monorail ticket to get on the bus (assuming it is still running) – you can get the ticket at the station. It may be woth checking with Ibn Battuta about the shuttle bus first although they often don’t even know themselves!

  37. We are staying at Hotel Grandeur and I saw o the website there is a shuttle bus tomorrow at 9.50. I asked the reception and they don’t know about it. Can you please advise if there will be tomnorrow (28.June 2014) a shuttle at 9.50? Thanks

    1. Sorry, too late to reply but others may be interested. The times listed for the shuttle buses are subject to change and even withdrawal by the operating company. Unfortunately I’m not party to these changes so just update as best I can.

  38. I am staying at the Jumeriah Zabeel Saray can I walk to the Atlantis Mono rail station or will I need to get a taxi

    1. I’m sorry there are lots of new hotels opening on the Palm and I am not aware of where that one is exactly but I don’t think many places are within walking distance of the monorail until more stations are open.

  39. Hi
    is a return ticket for the mono rail valid for only one return journey or can it be used a number of times on the same day

  40. Hi,
    I will be coming from Abu Dhabi by car, so which exit I have to take??can you please guide me?? and is the parking is easy to find out over there?


  41. I’m a wheelchair bound person and I would like to know, if there’s a disabled parking
    either at The Palm Gateway station or The Atlantis? And how long would it take by
    taxi from the Palm gateway station to the first monorail station? Thank you

    1. Yes I believe there is disabled parking at the palm gateway station but Atlantis does not have its own monorail station car park, just general parking on the palm. Not sure wat you mean about taxi to the first station as there are only 2 stations open currently.

  42. Hello,

    I’m a wheelchair bound person and I travel in a mobility van. Just wanted to know if there’s a disabled parking at the Palm Gateway station or near the Atlantis hotel? Approximately , how long would it take to travel by taxi from the Gateway station to the monorail?

  43. Hi!
    I would like to know if this page is the official website for Palm Jumeirah Monorail (I am looking for Corporate information on the monorail).
    If not, could you please indicate the official website please?
    Thank you very much!

    Kind regards!

    1. Hi Maria, no this is not the official page and the reason I set it up is that I don’t think there is an official one!

  44. Hi,

    Were going to stay at the arabian ranches villa. what is the best route for us if we want to ride the monorail going to The Palm?

    1. Hi Janice, I don’t think you have much option from Arabian ranches other than getting a taxi to the palm gateway station unless you have use of a car.

  45. Please give the contact no. where i can purchase the pre paid tickets. As a travel agent, i would like to pre purchase the ticket and give to the guest.

    1. Hi Jency, I believe that you can buy Palm Monorail tickets in bulk from Nakheel, sorry I don’t have the contact number. They sell tickets in bulk for events so it is possible they are date restricted but you may be able to get some that aren’t.

  46. Hi,

    I am coming to Palm Jumeirah today and would like to know upto what time the Monorail will be servicing today? Which will be the last monorail from Atlantis on 31-12-13 ?

    1. Aplogies for the delay in replying. There is a water taxi (underwater taxi is taking it a bit far even for Dubai!), but this stops at the Sofitel on the Palm and not Atlantis. See the RTA website for further info

  47. Hi,
    I just wondering if it’s possible for a disabled person with wheelchair as my uncle to ride the monorail?Need your quick response please.


    1. That is a very good question and I’m sorry I can’t give you a definitive answer. I believe there are lifts at Palm Gateway station but I don’t recall whether there are at Atlantis. I know there are escalators. Maybe someone else can answer as I won’t be able to check this out for a bit.

  48. i just want to ask after the media city or nakheel station i will take a taxi i will tell the driver to take me to atlantis metro station then from there i will go to atlaantis hotel is that right ?? then how i will be back to dubai metro station taxi will be there

    1. I’m not really sure what you are asking Dana. If you want to use the monorail then take a taxi to the Palm Gateway monorail station and take it from there to Atlantis.

    1. The monorail is not so near the cruise terminal which I believe is at port Rashid. There are metro stations nearby but the metro does not link with the monorail so at some point you will need to get a taxi so really you might as well get the taxi from the port to the palm gateway station if you really want to use the monorail.

  49. Hi,i would be travelling with my family next month.Our stay would be in golden sands apartments.pls suggest me the MONORIAL ROUTE from our apartment to ATLANTIS as we are planning to visit the lost chambers.

    1. Hi kaushik, there is only one monorail route, from the start of the Palm to the end. So you need to get to palm gateway station. The long way round is to take the metro then a taxi. You might be able to get a bus (maybe number 8). Easiest is just to get a taxi to palm gateway.

  50. Hi!
    Just thought I’d say thank you for the wealth of info provided! Palm should make you their ambassador 🙂
    Very useful and handy!
    Please continue the great job!!

    Best rgds

  51. Hi,
    i want to know the exact details of free shuttle bus service from ibn battuta gate hotel to palm gateway station.i enquired in RTA No,They dont have any information about that,i enquired in Ibn battuta gate hotel, they dont have any information about that,so exactly where to get the information. the information in the website is inadequate. can you help me in this regard

    1. Hi Kiran, as you have found yourself it is very difficult to get accurate information from the RTA on a lot of things 🙂 Hence the reason I set up this website. If you want to get the most up to date info then the only thing you can do is to drive down to the Palm Gateway station and check out the bus schedule that they post in the wall in the station (it may be more up to date than the picture I have posted on this site as I have not been able to get down there for a while).

      1. hi,
        so finally i visited the mono rail,it was a nice time, i just wanted to just clear few doubts which i had, which may be of some benefit for the visitors.First there is no shuttle bus operating as of now. The nearest metro station will be either nakheel or dubai internet city.U will get private taxi to/fro from monorail gateway station to either of these metro stations for 20 dhm. To walk and reach is not convenient and safe bcoz of roads and traffic. Enjoy urselves

  52. Hi, I would like to know if the MOnorail tickets can be bought in advance. For example: Can I buy tickets today to be used tomorrow?
    Is there a contact number I can call when I have doubts?

    1. Hi paula, I don’t think the tickets are date stamped so you maybe able to get them in advance but there is probably not much point as there generally are not big queues for tickets and you would have to buy them from the ticket office at the station anyway. You can try the RTA on 900 8080, they may be able to give you some info.

  53. When i buy a return ticket, can i get on and off at various stations throughout the day to allow me to sight see without having to buy another ticket.

  54. Hi there,
    Thanks for your information about Monorail. I still got 1 question about the shuttle bus service. Do we have to be the guests of those hotels for shuttle bus service? It is because we will stay right next to Media Rotana. And would love to try the Monorail to Atlantis rather than just catching taxi:) even though price is much cheaper for us.
    Many thanks

    1. Sorry for the delay in replying. No you don’t have to be a guest of the hotel to use the shuttle bus service.

  55. Also, I will be staying at the Movenpick Ibn Batutta Gate Hotel. Will the free shuttle service available from that hotel?

    1. Sorry for the delay in replying. I am pretty sure you have to pay for children too but I could be wrong, sorry not to be definite on this.

  56. Hi, my 7 years kid want to take Monorail ride, i gave a call to RTA, but they told they dont have information on Monorail station, so i request Admi plz let me if i take a train at rashidiya metro station where to get down,and how to reach Monorail station.

    1. Hi sridevi, If you want to get the metro from Rashidiya then get off at either Internet City or Nakheel station and then take a taxi from either of those. The taxi ride should be pretty cheap as it is not that far and they should take you to the Palm Gateway metro station.

      1. I am traveling from the airport to Atlantis but want to ride the Metro and then take the Monorail to Atlantis. What will be the best station to get off and WALK to the Palm Gateway?
        Also, if I buy the Gold card from the Metro, for only 3 days of my stay, is that worth?
        THANKS for your consideration to this mail

  57. hi, when will they open the station at trump tower? I live on golden mile so will walk to the station. Is there an entrance coming off the palm walking?
    Once they open the trump station, I and others will enjoy frequent trips upto atlantis for meals and drinks. It opened for the opening of etihad park and that was it?

    1. Hi, I haven’t heard that the Trump Tower station is going to open any time soon. I think because the Trump Tower went on hold they decided not to open the station. In fact I don’t know that any of the other stations are likely to open at any time soon but as soon as I hear anything I will post it here.

  58. Hi There,

    Can you please confirm if the free shuttle bus service still in operation. If yes, can you please confirm if the pick up from Ibn Batutta Mall is at the is at the Battuta Gate Hotel entrance at Egypt court.


  59. Hi there:
    I understand I can take the free shuttle bus from Atlantis at 12:25am, can I ask you where does it take us to? Can It get the Palm Gateway station or only to Atlantis Aquaventure?

    Kind Regards.


    1. Lee I am not sure I understand your question. You can walk from the Atlantis monorail station to Aquaventure. There are shuttle buses to some hotels that go from the monorail.

      Moustafa and Laila, I believe that the monorail will be operating the same hours as usual on NYE but the Metro is running 24 hours.

    1. Hi Yvonne, the RTA rarely, if ever, change the timings of the Palm Monorail as it is defined more of a tourist attraction rather than a valid means of public transport (the cost is much higher then the Metro) so it is often better value to get a taxi anyway.

  60. what is the time for shuttle bus from ibn batuata for mono rail.i am planing on 26/11/12.where is is the location in batuta mall.if any proccudure for advance booking for shuttle.or any mobile no for that?pl reply

  61. Hi, I noticed that the landscaping around Trump Towers Station is complete. Is the station open now? If so do the trains run later when there are events on at Nasimi Beach?


    1. No, the Trump Towers station is not open yet, they are still waiting for more of the apartment buildings to be completed (who knows when) before they open any more stations. Also no, the trains do not run any later when the events at Nasimi beach are on. I think there isn’t really much point as you would have to get a taxi from the Gateway station anyway and there are way more taxis at Atlantis.

  62. Hi! I just want to ask how to get to Atlantis by metro and monorail. Approximately how much would a cab cost going to the monorail station? And also where do we get off? Is there an Atlantis station? Thank you so much!

    1. Hi juls, you can go to either the Mall of the Emirates station where it will be easy to get a taxi, or else the First Gulf Bank station is a bit nearer – make sure you cross over the Sheikh Zayed Road when alighting so that you are on the right side to get to the Monorail. However, it may be harder to get a taxi here. The taxi ride if I remember should not be more than about 20-25 dirhams if that. Ask the taxi driver to take you to the Gateway station as that is the one at the near end of the Palm. The only other station that is open is at Atlantis so your ticket will take you there.

    1. Shaiju, yes I believe that children that are under a certain height/age (needs confirmation but I think it is 90cm or 6 years old) go free on Palm Monorail. I will have to double check this the next time I am there!

  63. hi! during our journey in the monorail, can we drop down in between in any of the stations (jus for sight seeing)? or does the train takes us to the detination only?

    1. Hi unfortunately it is not possible to get on or off the monorail on any of the other stations apart from the one at each end of the journey. I think more stations will open in time but just not yet.

      1. Hi, I live on the Palm in the shoreline buildings. Will the park station (by the overpass between buildings 14 and 15) be opening soon? I want to take this into work.


        1. As per previous questions, there is no sign of the other stations opening soon, but obviously they are ready to go so Serco could decide to open them at any time with short notice.

          1. The website is unfortunately outdated … as the tram already opened. Is there any place where one can get an update on when the monorail will be linked to the tram and the closed stations open?

            Would be nice to have a non-car option to get on and off the Palm … don’t think there will be safe bicycle paths any time soon …

          2. Thanks for the heads up, I’ve updated this page and will check through the site when I get a chance. Yes the monorail is now linked to the Tram. There are some cycle routes planned to go alongside the Tram but I’m not sure about the monorail.

  64. Hi we are staying in bur dubai so if we catch the metro from Bur Dubai what stop do we get off to catch the monorail to get to the atlantis hotel – I understand when you get off the metro you have to catch a taxi to the mono rail station is that right?? sorry so many questions thankyou Jane

    1. Hi Jane you can either get of at Dubai Internet City station or Nakheel Station – they are both pretty much the same distance away. When you get off the Metro make sure you cross over the overpass to the other side of the Sheikh Zayed Road so that you are on the right side for the Monorail. You should be able to find taxis at both stations.

      1. Madam,

        I will be staying at Grandeur Hotel Dubai , Albarsha. Does monorail run near that hotel to Alantis Palms dubai..

    1. hi,
      we are staying at Hotel Rotana at Sharjah. we are planning to go palm tomorrow.please suggest how to go there and how to get monorail.

      1. there is no easy way to get there from Sharjah. You will either have to get a taxi from Sharjah to the Palm Gateway (assuming you don’t have a car), or else somehow get to Rashidiya Metro station, take the Metro then get a taxi from the Metro station (see FAQs for more info).

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