Palm Monorail Stations

Palm Monorail Stations

palm monorail stations
Atlantis Monorail Station

There are only a few Palm Monorail stations open although more are planned for the future.

Currently only 3 of the stations are open – one at either end of the Palm Jumeirah – the Palm Gateway Station and the Atlantis Aquaventure Station, and one near the Shoreline Apartments, the Al Ittihad Park Station.

The other stations will not be opened until there is a high enough level of occupation in the residential areas on the Palm where the stations are positioned. However, a new station will soon be opened at Nakheel Mall once that is also open.

When the Palm Monorail was first planned the financial crisis had not happened and so some of the stations were put on hold because of that.

However, even though the stations are not open yet, the monorail train still stops at the closed stations for a few seconds on each journey, although the doors do not open to let passengers on or off.

These are the Palm monorail stations:

Palm Gateway – Open
This station is at the entrance to the Palm. There is parking for 1,600 cars at present. It links up with the Dubai Tram by a walkway which takes about 5-10 minutes to get to the tram station.

You can also get taxis from here but beware the charges may be high for private hire vehicles. Also if you get a taxi to the station, the taxi driver may be unaware of where he needs to go!

Al Ittihad Park – Open
This station was opened on 3rd July 2017 and gives direct access to the Galleria Mall, as well as being near to the Shoreline apartments. It is only a few minutes journey from the Palm Gateway. When you exit the station you go to your right and walk a short way to the entrance of the mall. There are a variety of shops in the mall to suit families in particular.

Nakheel Mall – Closed

This station is scheduled to ‘Open Soon’. We will keep you updated with any developments on this.

palm monorail stations
Two more stations should be opening soon.

The Pointe – Closed

Also supposed to be opening soon although we understand that Nakheel Mall station may be opened first.


Atlantis Aquaventure – Open
The station is right by the entrance to the water park so only a few hundred metres walk to get there.

Just come out of the station and the entrance to Atlantis is on your left. You can also walk to the boardwalk area where you can have a nice walk along the shoreline or else hire a bike for a ride.

You can hire a bike for a ride along the shoreline at Atlantis


Also in the future, there is supposed to be a link with the Dubai Metro at:

Dubai Internet City – Not Yet Built 
Interchange with the Dubai Metro at the station formerly known as TECOM.

Also once the interchange with the Dubai Metro is set up then there will likely be even more interaction and use of the Palm Monorail. Until then it remains a little bit of a white elephant but a good way for tourists to get a view of the Palm Jumeirah.

The Palm Gateway station links up to the Dubai Tram where you can also interchange with the Metro further down in the Marina. The Tram uses Nol cards for payment.

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  1. Hello,

    I will be staying in City Seasons Towers Hotel in Bur Dubai. I want to visit and see Burj Al Arab and Palm Jumeirah+Atlantis in one trip. What would be the best route to do this? Open for public transport routes like metro, bus, tram etc.



    1. If you want to go to the Burj Al Arab you need to have a restaurant booking. if you jsut want to see them both from the outside you will either need to get a taxi to near BaA or you could get the ferry either to BaA or to Atlantis.

        1. I’m not sure what you mean by the station near Dubai pearl – there is a station at the Gateway across the road from the Pearl that is the main station for the monorail.

  2. whats the route map ? i would like to go with a friend to check the palm , is it the best option ? and can we stay in the train the entire trip

    1. It basically goes from one end of the palm to the other through the middle. You can check the view from the train by watching the video. Yes if you get a ticket from the Gateway to Atlantis you stay on the train the whole way.

    1. I’m sorry I don’t know the answer to that. Maybe someone else can advise if they have taken a bicycle on the Monorail. I will try and find out in the meantime.

  3. Hiii i stay in ADCB metro station, i need to go palm atlantis hotel how should i go.
    in which metro i should get down and from which metro station i should take tram and get down which station of tram to reach monorail of palm.

    1. You can take the Metro to Damac station (Marina) and change there for the tram. Take the tram to Palm Jumeirah and change there for the monorail.

  4. Hi I am staying in an apartment on palm views west and will be working in jumeirah lake towers. What is the easiest route to get there via the metro or tram? How long will this take? Is it easier to go from al ittihad station on the palm?

    1. Hi, I don’t know the exact location of Palm Views West so it is worth checking if you can walk to Al Ittihad station from there. If you can then yes you can then change and get the tram to JLT. The time depends on how quickly you can change to the tram, plus you have the walk over and the walk at the other end (at JLT) so it might be worth taking a test journey first. I would think you would be looking at possibly 30 minutes or more though.

  5. Hi Friend
    I am from a tourism company, I heared from other company: the tour guide can be free when the group have the trip from your Palm Monorail . I want to know whom i can contact to apply it ?

  6. Hi,
    We want to take our daughter to a playgroup place called playdates, I can see from google earth that there is what looks like a station 180 meters away from it.
    is that one open?

    1. Hi, I don’t know which station it is near but the only stations open right now are the two end stations – Palm Gateway and Atlantis.

  7. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Greeting from Groups Travel Tourism,

    We would like to inquire if how we can reach to someone in charge for booking to the monorail. We have 500 pax coming June 8-14 2018 and we preparing all the tour itinerary for this group.

    Hoping for your immediate response.

    Thank you

  8. Hello
    I am renting a holiday apartment on the palm. I wish to visit the jumeira beach and jumeira mosque on daily basis.

    What’s the cheapest way to do this please? From reading the comments and info on this page it looks like I’ll have to either get a taxi (cost?) Or public transport is
    – mono rail to marina
    – tram to somewhere
    – metro from ‘somewhere’ to jumeira

    Is this correct? And how much and long will it take?

    Many thanks !

    1. For most of the apartments on the Palm you would likely have to get a taxi anywhere as there are not any stations nearby so you may as well get a taxi the whole way otherwise it would take you a long time and lots of changes to get there. I would say if possible rent a car for the duration if you need to travel every day.

  9. Hi,
    I would like to take my 3 young children on the monorail, is it safe for them and how long is the journey to Atlantis? I would also like to know how easy is it to park and get the Tram from the Marina and then onto the Monrail? i.e will we have to walk/cross any roads?
    Thank you

    1. Hi, yes it is perfectly safe for young children. The journey takes about 10 minutes. If you get the tram and then change at Palm Jumeirah station you don’t have to cross any roads but you need to get across one set of tram tracks to get to the lift, then walk along the walkway to the Palm Gateway car park, through the car park to the monorail station.

    1. When you get off the monorail you are pretty much at Atlantis so you don’t need to go far. Just follow the signs and people.

    1. If you want to walk for a looong time! But actually I’m not even sure it’s possible as you have to go through a road tunnel to get there…

  10. Hi,

    I would be staying at “The Atlantis”, on Palm Jumeirah. Is there a way to get to the hotel from Dubai airport terminal 1? I see the nearest dubai metro station is Nakheel. Can I connect to the monorail somehow from dubai metro to get right to the hotel.? Thanks

    1. You can but it’s a long trip. You need to get the Metro to the marina and then change to the tram and come back to palm Jumeirah monorail station and take the monorail from there

  11. Hi, please how many kilometers is it from the team station in Palm Jumeirah to the Waldorf Astoria.
    Also, what’s the cheapest way of getting to the Waldorf Astoria from the Palm Jumeirah tram station.
    Thank you.

    1. It’s quite a way from the tram station to the hotel. Sorry I don’t know the exact distance. You can check it out on a map. It might be cheaper to get the monorail to Atlantis and then get a taxi from there.

  12. Hi,
    I am going to stay in Marina Residence, Palm Jumeriah and need to commute to Burjuman Station area on daily basis. Can you please advise what would be the preferable route to commute.
    Thanks a lot for your support.

    1. I seem to be finding conflicting location maps for marina Residence so I don’t know exactly where it is located.I don’t think commuting from there is a viable option by public transport. You would probably have to get a taxi to the palm Gateway but even then you would have to go backwards towards the marina to link the tram with the metro to get to Burjuman.

    1. I assume you mean the Ibis? I don’t think that is right near a Metro station so you would have to get to either internet City Metro or Mall of the Emirates and then get the Metro to the Marina where you would change for the tram then go to Palm Gateway and change for the palm monorail so overall a bit of a long way round and probably not worth the trouble.

  13. Today (Friday) around 2PM, I intend to take metro from Burjuman to Dubai Marina, from Dubai Marina I intend to walk (is this walking distance?) and catch Tram to nearest station of monorail.

    1. Is the distance between Dubai Marina metro station to nearest Tram walkable?

    2. What is the approximate charge of monorail round trip from Palm Gateway to furthest station and back?

    1. Sorry for the delay in replying, which may help someone else.
      1. The tram and the metro are linked at Dubai marina so it is a very short walk.
      2. Information already on this site – tickets are 25 dirhams return.

        1. It’s a bit of a long trip. You need to get to the Marina on the Metro where you can change to the Tram, then change at Palm Gateway to get the Monorail.

          1. yes you can get from the Metro to the Tram at the Marina and then change to the monorail at the Palm Gateway station.

  14. Dear Admin,

    If we take the return ticket , after boarding we can experience more round the trips like Sentosa islan in Singapore .

  15. hi, how long does it take in the monorail from palm island straight to jumeirah beach? im going to stay in sofitel the palm so was just wondering whats the best way to get off the palm, how long will it take in monorail? and how long would it take in taxi?
    and approximately how much do you think taxi will charge?
    thankyou very much 🙂

    1. It depends how long you have to wait for trains, trams etc. Sofitel run a free shuttle bus to the monorail station. i would think you would need to allow 30-40 minutes but it could vary depending when you go.

  16. Hi!

    Thank you very much for the information. It was very helpful. But I would just like to ask, what is the easiest and cheapest way to get to Waldorf Astoria if I’m coming from the Dubai Tram?

    Again, thank you so much!

    1. It depends on whether the hotel has a free shuttle bus from the Palm Monorail station at Atlantis (I know another of the hotels does in the same area) so it may well be worth checking with the hotel. In fact they may have a free shuttle going elsewhere in Dubai. If they do then you can take the tram to the Palm Gateway station and then get the monorail to Atlantis and get the shuttle bus from there. Even if they don’t then it may be cheaper to do that and then get a taxi to the hotel from Atlantis.

  17. Hi Admin,

    Could you please tell me where is the Main Office for Palm monorail.It is Palm Gateway station or Atlantis Aquaventure.And also Is Car parking facility available outside the station.


    1. The main office is at the Palm Gateway where you will also find a large parking area. At Atlantis there is limited parking for only a couple of hours on the roadside.

      1. Thanks A Lot..
        How can I reach palm gateway station if i am coming from Rashidiya side by Car.Which road should i follow.

          1. can i take my own car and tour the palm jumeirah area including the palm leaves ,aquaventure park etc

          2. Only residents and their visitors are allowed on the fronds as they have security gates, but you can drive down to the end of the Palm where Atlantis is and park there for a couple of hours and look round.

  18. I am visiting atlantis next friday (20th March). our hotel is in jumeriah lakes towers. how would you suggest we get to atlantis? Thanks

    1. You could get the Tram from Jumeirah Lakes Towers (you need to cross over using the Metro overpass and it also depends how close to the Metro station you are) – the Tram links up with the monorail at Palm Gateway station.

  19. Hello.. Is the tram started working from Marina after the fire in the torch tower? Pls tell me how can i got to Palm Gateway from Marina Metro Station. Thanks

  20. Dear Admin,
    Thanks for all your time for replying our question.
    I understood that for going to Atlantis from Deira, it is good to go to MOE by Metro and then take a taxi to Atlantis.
    But I want to experience Monorail.
    Would you please guide me how should I manage this from Deira?
    (I want to go to Atlantis Aqua park and then go to visit Palm Islnad, After Atlantis, how can I go there and come back with reasonable cost?)
    Many Many Thanks.

  21. hey!i live in sharjah so wat is the nearest point(station)to catch the monorail??i have come here for a vacation and wanna catch the glimpse of the palm and atlantis through monorail???

  22. we would like to go by monorail this evening from palm gateway station to atlantis. How do we find the gateway station and is the mono rail operating now. Thanks

    1. Check out the parking page as to how to get to the gateway station. things may have changed slightly after the building of the tram but it should be pretty similar.

  23. Hi There,

    We are staying at Atlantis the Palm, and planning to visit Ferrai World in Abu Dhabi. Please can you advise the best way to reach there as I can’t find anything on the websites.

    Many Thanks


    1. The best way is to drive. If you don’t have access to a car then you should take a taxi. At last resort you can get a bus to Abu Dhabi and then get a bus back to yas Island from there. This will take some time though.

          1. sorry I want change route
            I am coming from burjman to mall of emirates metro station and then take tram from mall of emirate to palm jumera monorail gateway station is that possible? do I need to walk or take taxi from tram station to monorail station

          2. No the tram doesn’t go to mall of the Emirates so you will need to go to the marina and change to the tram there.

  24. Hi, I would be going to Rixos The Palm. So I would like to know if I can take the monorail and from there taxi to Rixos the Palm

  25. Dear Admin,

    i will stay at Belveder court apatment in Bur Dubai, so please advise for cheap Mono rail ride in palm atlantis and also suggest cheap transporation for monorail

    1. Sorry I don’t know those apartments. There is only one price for the tickets. Check the FAQ page for how to get to the monorail.

  26. Hi admin i am located next to mall of the emirates, and i want to see the palm by monorail

    Is there already a direct connection?

    Or does the palm has its own monorail without a direct connection?


    1. Hi Daniel, there is no direct connection to the monorail from Mall of the Emirates so if you don’t want to take a taxi there you would have to get the Metro to the Marina and then get the Tram to the Monorail.

    1. If you read the information on this site you will see that there are only two stations open. One at the beginning of the palm (Palm gateway) and one at the top end at Atlantis.

  27. Hello, will ittihad station be opened now the tram is open? Would be great for people living on the Palm who wish to visit Marina/ JLT/JBR.

    1. Sorry I don’t know which station you mean but there are no plans to open any more stations on the monorail as far as I am aware.

  28. Hiiii I want to see mono rail today is it open today or not we r goin to ibn batuta mall frm there is there any connect plx reply

  29. Hey there,

    You said before that “Dubai Tram will link to the monorail and the metro when it opens in November”. Pls advise the exact date if you know it because we want to come in November,more exacly on 12 and we would like to know how we will manage to get there. The closest metro stations is still Mall of Emirates? Is there any posibility to link better or it will be in November?

  30. hi admin
    i was wondering to know ,how and where i can take a van for 8 person to go difrenent places in dubai with a chepest price.

    1. Not the kind of information I have I’m afraid. I know you can hire taxis on a daily rate but you would likely need 2 so this may be above your budget.

  31. Hi! I want to ask if we can do Atlantis Tour with monorail on December 24-30,2014 for our group (more than 30pax)? which station we can drop our guest and where we can pick them up again? Awaiting for your soonest reply so that we can arrange properly their itinerary. Thank you! 🙂

    1. Hi Paula, there are only 2 stations open on the monorail so to do the trip you would go from the gateway station where they would get the monorail to Atlantis then they return to the gateway station again. There should be plenty if space on the monorail for 30 pax.

  32. Is there any transportation facilities like metro or bus from palm jumeriah fairmont hotel. Which metro station is nearby and how to reach there. If by taxi howmuch fair

      1. Sorry, wasn’t being notified of comments so now too late to reply! Ramadan timings on the monorail usually don’t change though.

  33. hi i will be visiting dubai in august 2014, and staying at anantara on the palm, which is easiest to get to dubai marina, dubai mall, taxi or mono rail ?

    1. The monorail will only take you as far as the end of the Palm (and you can only get on it at the other end) so taxi would be better.

  34. Hello admin,

    I just want to ask if private car is allowed to enter the whole palm jumeirah. Just wany to see the whole island by car and enter the atlantis.. is that possible?

    1. Yes, anyone can drive on to the Palm but access is restricted to some of the fronds so you won’t be able to get onto those.

  35. hello,
    have a good day.
    i will arrive at 4am on this 1st May at Dubai airport by Emirates . I will stay in a villa in Palm jumeirash _ my friend’s home . Im wondering if I could get there by monorail so that I can have very first awesome wonderful veiw of Dubai on the way .
    big appriciate for your respones !

  36. hello, i am visiting atlantis July 2013 for 7 nights, from the UK, (long time yet), on average how far/much is it from the airport to the monorail station or the hotel?
    i dont have much of an idea on how i am getting from the airport to the hotel

    1. I would say that it is about 30-40 minutes to get from the airport to Atlantis – it really depends on traffic and could even be more (by car). I’m not sure how much a taxi is but I would guess around 150 dirhams. If you wanted to go by monorail then you would need to get a taxi to the Palm Gateway station (about 30 minutes) unless you get the Metro but then you would still need to get a taxi to the monorail so probably overall not worth it and best off just getting a taxi.

  37. Hi,

    I going to have a dinner at Atlantis restaurant called
    Saffron starts 8pm and want to catch the last monotrail
    at 10pm. I can not find any info how far is the station from
    Saffron restaurant. How much time do I need to be on time?
    Will I get ticket for sure? (what happend if the trail will be full?)

    1. Sorry I don’t know exactly where that restaurant is but I would think you would need to allow at least 10-15 minutes. The trains never tend to be full so you shouldn’t have trouble getting a ticket.

  38. If I’m from Bur Dubai area, what is the best way to go to The Palm? I want to visit Atlantis Hotel and any other attractions there. What is the best transport to go there?

      1. Using taxi will cost me a lot right? Actually, I prefer to use metro and I want to know how to take metro from Bur Dubai to Palm Jumeira?

  39. Hi, It’s not very clear for me this whole monorail system. Does it have stations on the Jumeirah Island, can the passengers get off and walk around or it just goes around the island without stopping. I’m in a holiday now, it would be a great help if you could explain to me. Thank you in advance.

    1. There are stations in the middle but they are not open. The only stations open are the two at either end of the palm.

  40. Hi Admin
    we are 19 person visit on dated March 9 2014.
    1.Duration of visit
    2.which are the places to be seen.
    3.what are the charges.

      1. We are planning a trip for holiday in Dubai this month.
        Can you just help me to get info about whether it is worth visiting mono tour & what all things are worthy watching while mono rail trip

  41. Hi Admin,
    I would like to ask you if is exist some boat or ferry transport between Dubai and Abu dhabi. I found transport by taxi, by bus , but we would like to take boat! I found boat taxi , but taxi is expensive, so could you please let me know if some ferry or cheap boat trasport is possible?
    Thank you, Michal

    1. Michal, no I don’t believe there us public transport by sea fromvdubai to Abu Dhabi. I would imagine it would be much quicker to use the coach service.

  42. Hie I am staying in Haward Johnson hotel in bur dubai… And I want to go to
    Aquaventure at Palm Atlantis so I just want to know how can I get palm monorail
    Till aquventure from bur dubai..
    Thank u..

  43. Dear Madam

    Really a useful site. Suggest post some suggested itineries of visit to Palm with/without monorail, with/without visit to Atlantis /Aquaventure / Lost Chambers etc for say one/ two /three hours. Your in depth knowledge on Palm would really make thses itineries useful.

  44. We would like to see some villas on Palm which have access to beach as I understand these are really good to see. How do we go about seeing just couple of these having heard so much about them ? Are public permitted to enter those areas?

    Which areas of palm Atlantis hotel are open to public? Do hey require restaurant reservation to see?

    1. The fronds have security gates and you need to be visiting someone to get on there.
      Check with Atlantis hotel for their open areas.

  45. Hi,
    i would like to know which is the nearest monorail station to discovery gardens…? And i would also like to know what is the fare from discovery gardens to atlantis ?

    1. With all due respect you obviously haven’t read much on here. The monorail runs from one end if the palm to the other. 2 stations. Read the site for more info!

  46. Hi,
    Arriving Dubai from Glasgow at 08:10 on Thursday 19/12/13. Staying at Atlantis Palm for one night. Would like to experience the Mono Rail during daytime so thinking of getting taxi from airport to start of mono rail to then take to Atlantis Palm. Is this possible? We are going to Dubai Mall in evening from Atlantis Palm so which is the best way to get there? I suppose it would be by taxi? Your guidance will be much appreciated! Sorry another question…. what is the swimwear dress code for ladies and teenage at Aquaventure Waterpark please?
    Many thanks, Lorraine

    1. Hi Lorraine, if you don’t have much luggage then I would say yes get a taxi to the Palm Gateway station and take the monorail from there. It takes you right to Atlantis although the waterpark rather than main reception so you may have a short walk from there. In the waterpark you see pretty much any kind of swimwear (no thongs though!) but if you are going to wander round it might be worth just having a sarong to hand or something. If you stay within the water park you are fine though.

  47. Hi there, we will be staying at the Marriott Dubai Marina and would like to know if can walk to the Palm Gateway monorail station? If not, do you know if there is a shuttle available from the hotel?

    1. Hi Purvesh, walking to the Palm Gateway station is never really advisable as there are no public footpaths, even if it is not a huge distance, you would be better off just paying a 10-15 dirham taxi fare to get there.

  48. Hi

    Do you have any idea when the other stations will be open?? We live on palm and would be fantastic if we could actually use the stations 🙂

    1. Hi Marion, talk was that they would open them when the residential projects were completed in the areas around the other stations. However, it doesn’t seem like anything has happened on looking at opening them any time soon so I fear it might be a bit of a long wait. I guess there is always the chance that they will open once the Metro, Tram and Monorail are all linked up but that could be some time 🙁

  49. Hi,
    We have our booking in golden sands 10 this month.
    We would like to explore the palm atlantis and would like to
    go there by by MONORAIL OR METRO .Pls advice me the to & fro routes.

  50. Hi, I stay at The Gardens, Jebel Ali. If I come by my own car, how can i reach to Monorail station for taking the ride on mono rail. Also which time during the day will be best to view the scenes in and around the Plam by monorial. Thanks and best regards, Shubha

    1. Check out the parking page for how to get to the car park. Any time of day us good ad long as there is daylight and good visibility.

  51. Hello, I am staying at the Rose Rotana by Rayhaan on Sheikh Zayed Road, whats the best way to get to the Jumeriah Zabeel Saray restraunts?
    Thank you

  52. hi how much is the taxi fare from mall of emirates to monorail staion and vice versa? thanks badly needed your anwers

    1. Hi cristina I did that journey once and I think it was 15-20 dirhams. That was a couple of years ago so it may have changed. Although it is quite a short trip as the crow flies, when you are in a taxi it is about twice as long!

  53. hi we are planing to visit dubai in next month and staying at hotel at burdubai. apart from moinorail ticket are they any entrance ticket for atlantis? and how can i go to monorail station?

    1. Atlantis is just a hotel so you can walk around the public areas. If you want to go to aquaventure obviously you will have to pay to get in there. It’s probably best to get a taxi from bur dubai.

  54. I am planning to take the free shuttle from Ibn Batutta Mall. Is this free shuttle available for anyone or just the residents of Ibn Batutta Hotel?

    1. Jens the easiest way is to get a taxi! I say this because you will have to get a taxi at some point anyway if you take the monorail. You could get a taxi to mall of the emirates and get the metro from there, that might save you a few dirhams.

  55. Hi, am traveling to Dubai next week in a group of 10 people. We would be staying at Burjaman and planning a day tour to Atlantis. is iit advisable to take private transfer to Atlantis or should we take a train. If train Then whats the route. Don’t want to get stuck in the traffic. Thanks Pallavi

    1. Hi Pallavi, it really depends on how much time you have to get there. If you can take your time and want to experience the Palm Monorail to give you views over the Palm then it is an interesting way to get there, but it will take you some time. You can get the Metro from Burjuman and then get off at Internet City station and take (3?) taxis to the Palm Gateway station to get the monorail to Atlantis. It is a nice ride but should not really be used as just a means of transport but more of a part of the day. If you just want to get there quickly then I would just get taxis straight there.

  56. Hi I’ll be in Dubai in March. I will stay in Aquaventure in the afternoon and I will have dinner in One and Only Royal Mirage resort. I see it’s close to the monorail statiion so I would return from Aquaventur with the monorail. Is it possible to go walking from the monorail Palm Gateway station to the resort? Thanks. Luca

    1. Hi Luca you are right, the hotel is very close to the palm gateway station and although you have to walk on a grass verge it is definitely doable and I have seen people walking this so yes, that might be the best way to go.

    1. I’m sorry I don’t know all the bus routes, you will need to contact the RTA on 800 9090. I know that the number 8 bus runs down Beach Road past the entrance to the monorail but I don’t know how you get to that bus from Deira.

    1. Hi Sasha no you can’t. Unfortunately the monorail on runs along the length of the Palm and does not yet connect with the Dubai Metro which you can catch from the airport.

  57. Hey,…

    can you tell me pleas the best way to reach the Palm Monorail from the Hotel “Al Manzil” near the Burj al Arab,…

    Kind Regards, Matthias

    1. Hi Matthias I think the Al Manzil hotel is near the Burj Khalifa not the Burj al Arab. In any case at some point you will need to get a taxi so either you get the Metro part way to maybe Internet City station and then get a taxi (cheapest) or else you get a taxi all the way there.

      1. yes,… the burj khalifa, not al arab:) Sorry,…

        And Thank you for fast answering my question:)

        kind regards,.. matthias

  58. hi,
    can u plz. suggest me what is the best means of visiting palm jumeirah monorail or by boat ? i want to view maximum of palm jumeirah.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Toffik, well it depends on what kind of view of the Palm jumeirah that you want – if you want to see a view more from inside the Palm from a slightly elevated position looking out to sea then the monorail would be best, but if you want to see the Palm from the sea with views of some of the coastline hotels etc and Atlantis then you could take a boat trip. The Dubai Ferry does a trip from the Marina that goes to the Palm and back and you can get nice views (depending on the weather of course!)

  59. Hi! is there any way I can go to Atlantis from Burjuman station?..from the internet city can I now take the monotrail going to atlantis?..

    1. Hi Rosalie, as the monorail is not yet linked to the Metro you will need to get a taxi to the Palm Gateway station if you want to use the monorail to get to atlantis.

  60. hai, i want to go giordano head office in sheik zayed road near landmark is time square and al tayer, can u tell which is near station of this address.

      1. Hi
        Good day

        can u please tell me is there any feeder bus available from any of the metro station to monorail station..


  61. Hello I am travelling from Abu Dhabi by bus to Dubai on 3 Jan.
    My final stop will be Palm Jumeirah. Which bus should I take from Abu Dhabi and which busstation is closest to Palm Jumeirah? Many thanks, Shirley

    1. Hi Shirley, sorry I don’t know anything about the Abu Dhabi buses. You will need to contact the RTA. The number in Dubai is 800 9090, I’m not sure if it is the same number in Abu Dhabi.

  62. Hi.. dear can you tell me there is any parking charges on the gateway station ??? coz i want to park my car on the station and enjoy return trip to Atlantis

  63. Hi, I am visiting dubai in jan 14 ,I have a plan to visit Atlantis by monorail , I stay in admiral plaza in bur dubai which is the nearest station to Atlantis,

    1. Sridhar. there are only 2 working stations on the Palm monorail, the gateway station and the one at Atlantis.

      Taher, parking is free at the gateway station.

  64. Hi Admin,

    I would just like to confirm if there would be any changes in the schedule of the trips on Christmas day now on Tuesday Dec 25th 2012. I am planning to take a return trip on mono rail with my family on that day at around 3.30 pm in the afternoon.
    Please reply so that I can plan the itinerary. Also please advise about the parking.

    1. Hi Ruchi, as Dubai is a Muslim country they rarely make any changes to anything that is to do with a Christian holiday so no, I don’t expect there will be any change to the schedule on 25 December.

  65. Hi
    I will be visiting Dubai on 07 Dec.2012 , i have a plan to visit Atlantis ( Palm ) and i will be stay in Pullman hotel mall of the Emirates .
    i want to take the monorail t go Atlantis , how can i do that ?
    Please advise if i can take a Metro ?

    Best Regards

    1. Hi A Avakian, see my previous response. It’s not really worth taking the Metro so just get a taxi to the Gateway station and take the monorail from there.

  66. Hi,
    I will be visiting Dubai on 30th Nov 2012. I have a plan to visit Atlantis, and I will be at the Mall of Emirates by 1pm. I searched on the Google maps and it gives the path from Mall of Emirates as “Red Metro to Dubai Internet City Metro Station 1 then, From Nakheel Metro Station 1 – Bus to Knowledge Village Main Gate 1 then, Drive/Taxi to The Palm Jumeira”. But I wish to take the Monorail. How can I do that? Is the distance between Dubai Internet City Metro Station 1 and Monorail Gateway Station walkable? Please suggest.

    1. Hi kapil, sorry for the delay in responding, I missed your post. You can just get a taxi from Mall of the Emirates to the Palm Gateway station. The metro stations at Internet City or Nakheel are actualy closer to the Monorail station but it may not be worth it for the hassle of just riding one or two stops only to have to get a taxi from there anyway. it is possible to walk from Nakheel station but I wouldn’t really advise it – you would have to cross busy roads and it may be too hot anyway plus the taxi fare would not be that expensive. It would probably be around a 20 minute walk I guess.

        1. Hi Bryan, in the summer I wouldn’t really advise walking anywhere in Dubai! I’m not sure exactly which hotel you are talking about – I can only think of the Marriott Harbour. But really I would only walk somewhere in winter and even then there are not many pavements designed for pedestrians. If you are going to the marina then the Marina metro station may be a closer bet.

          1. I don’t mind the heat…TO be more specific…I’d like to take the train and walk from Nakheel Station stop to the mariott harbour. Based on google maps it looks like a quick 1-2 km walk however there are no direct roads that cross the highway.

          2. It is doable but like you say there is no direct route so you would have to walk round the houses a bit. it would likely only cost 10-15 dirhams for a taxi though so I’m not sure that I would bother!

    1. Hi Sonia, I don’t believe that the Palm Monorail will be free tomorrow, no. I think the RTA are trying to encourage more people to use public transport on a daily basis and so they are including transport that commuters will use. As the Palm Monorail is more of a tourist trip it is unlikely that this will be free (and it hasn’t been mentioned in any of their publicity). However, I do not have total confirmation of this so I could be wrong!

  67. Can you please tell me what is the monorail station name nearest from sheikh zayed road or any land mark so i can ask taxi driver?

  68. Hello!

    Thnak you for the useful information.

    Can you please tell me if the free shuttle to/from monarail is limited to the people accomodated to the indicated hotels?

    Thank you and best regards,

    1. Hi Larisa, as I understand it the free shuttle is available for anyone to use, you don’t have to be staying at the hotel.

      1. I called at the customer service at ibn batuta mall and they informed me that the shuttle service is available for people stayin at the hotel only. I ha to cancel my plan to visit the atlantis because of this. Can you please confirm this query if the shuttle is available for all or the hotel residents only.

        1. As per usual in Dubai if you ask different people then you get different answers! The bus isn’t run by the mall. I don’t believe you have to be staying at the hotel. Just get on the bus, it’s a free service and I don’t believe the driver asks for proof of where you are staying!

    1. Hi gigi, unfortunately there is no mall within the palm monorail network. Your best bet would probably be to get a taxi to Mall of the Emirates. From there you can use the Dubai Metro to get to quite a few malls including Ibn Battuta, Deira City Centre, BurJuman (Khalid bin al Waleed metro stop) and Dubai Mall so there is plenty of access once you get there.

  69. Hi,

    I went in the monorail yesterday. It was a great trip. However reaching there can be quite a challenge esp. if you consider starting from Palm Gateway station. A petrol pump on Sheik Zayed road near the Knowledge village exit had no clue where the monorail started from.We went round and round in circles with no luck. My suggestion would be to go to Atlantis, park the vehicle outside and take a train from there.
    I was really surprised to see no big signage near the Atlantis Aqauapark that the monorail station is there.

    1. Hi Sumita, thanks for your comment, yes it is quite hard to find the Palm Gateway station as it is quite well hidden. You could go to the Atlantis station but even there you have to go and park at the Atlantis car park and get a bus to the entrance of Atlantis so it is a bit of a pain, unless you can find a spot to park on the road where I think you are only supposed to park for an hour.

    1. Hi Talha, Internet city is closer. If you look at google maps you can see where the Palm Gateway is as it is right on the edge of the palm where it meets the land.

        1. Hi Chris, if you can get a taxi from Internet city (IC side of SZR) then that will be quicker and cheaper, but there will be more taxis available from MOE.

  70. If I am coming from Bur Dubai can you tell me which exit to take on Shaikh Zayed Road to reach Mono rail gateway station. I understand I can park my car at the station and then carry on journey on Monorail to reach Atlantis. What is the parking charges.

    1. Hi Arif, if you take the exit after Mall of the Emirates then this will take you down to Al Sufouh Road and you head down there until you get to the Palm then follow my instructions to get to the car park. The car park is free.

    1. The only station is located at the Palm Gateway so that is the best one to go to by car and it is also nearer as it is at the Dubai end of the Palm rather than the sea end 🙂

  71. Hello. i reside in deira. is it adviceable 2 take a cab from emirates mall 2 monorail or 2 catch shuttle from ibn batuta mall to reach manorail!!

  72. hi we are staying at the address hotel marina, can u tell me how to get to atlantis palm by monorail…or how do go to atlantis plam from raffles hotel by metro we are from london for vacation in dubai

    1. Hi kazi, to get to the Palm Gateway station from the Address Hotel at Dubai Marina it is probably easiest to get a taxi. From Raffles Hotel I think there is not a metro station right nearby so it will be a bit of changing between metro and taxi then taxi or bus then monorail so quite frankly it would be quicker and easier to get a taxi from there too probably.

  73. Hi,

    We reside in Abu Dhabi. We want to take tour on this mono rail. Can you just tell me while coming from Abu Dhabi by car, which EXIT we should take to reach this Mono rail parking.


    1. The parking for the monorail is very easy to miss! If you are coming from Abu Dhabi then you can exit the Sheikh Zayed Road at Dubai Marina and head down Al Sufouh Road – when you have Knowledge Village on your right and you have just passed the entrance to the Palm on your left then do a U turn. Then keep in the right hand lane as if you are heading to go onto the Palm but do not take the Palm turning. The entrance to the car park for the monorail is only about 100 yards further on the right so be careful not to miss it (there are signs). Hope this helps.

    1. Hi Charan, currently the Dubai metro and the Palm Monorail are not linked (although they will be in future). The nearest metro station is Mall of the Emirates and the best way to get to the Monorail station is by taxi.

      1. Hi, Ihave more questions:
        Where do I buy tickets for monorail?
        Can I use shutle bus if I do not stay in those hotels?
        How far is it by walking form the nearest metrostationto the monorail?

        1. All these questions have already been answered. In short, the ticket office at the station, yes, and see FAQ section.

        2. Pěšky nedoporučuji, strašné horko a není to zas tak blízko. Taxikem ze stanice metra DUBAJ INTERNET CITY, nebo následující stanice metra NAKHEEL na stanici Palm Monorail. Lístek stojí 15 dirhamu pro cestu k hotelu Atlantis. Zpět taxi na metro DUBAJ INTERNET CITY za 15 dirhamu.

          1. According to googlemaps, it appears that you actually pass the Palm exit (if driving south) and then take the very next right to access the Palm train station. Is this correct?

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