Palm Monorail Tickets

There are two options when buying Palm Monorail tickets, you can either buy a single or a return ticket. Until the ticketing system is integrated with the Dubai Metro and Tram, only these options will be available. As there are only two stations open at present there is only one journey and hence one ticket option.

There are ticket machines at the stations and also a booth with an operator who you can buy tickets from and who can answer any questions you have.

You do not need to (and in fact you cannot) use a Nol card on the Palm Monorail, you can just buy your tickets with cash (you can’t currently use a credit card for payment). You also cannot buy tickets in advance you just turn up and buy at the ticket office at the station.

Palm Monorail Ticket
Palm Monorail Ticket

The prices for the Palm Monorail tickets are as follows:

Single trip: 15 dirhams

Return trip: 25 dirhams

Tickets purchased are only valid for travel on the same day. There are no discounts for group travel at present.

Children who are under 90cm tall travel free on the Palm Monorail so it is height based and not based on age.

This may seem expensive compared to other forms of public transport in Dubai (you can ride the Dubai Metro all day for 20 dirhams) but it seems that maybe the Palm Monorail is aimed at present towards the tourist market. When asked about the high ticket prices reference was made to the amazing views of Dubai that you can get from the Palm Monorail as well as the fact that ticket prices may be reviewed once it is integrated with the Dubai Metro.

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